October 2013 Update

Jake & Sandy Schrader  (1976)

Dear Praying Friends,
Sandy and I have been praying with you concerning the release of the container from the seaport of Durban to Restore's door step. After two 3 hour journeys we were told to expect the permits at the end of Friday< October 4th. Well it is Saturday and we continue to check our emails and the necessary attachment from IPAC.. The answer from them and our sovereign God seems to be NOT YET! But we know HE IS STILL ABLE! Amen? Amen! We will let you know the moment we received those precious permits, we promise.

Last Sunday a young man came forward at testimony time to give his. Most just speak from their seats, but not LIncoln. He stated he had planned to come to our Friday nite teens but became infatuated with a young woman he was walking with around Hani Park. Before he knew it time had flown and it was late. He had walked the girl home and suddenly her father came bursting out of the house. Dad grabbed him and through him against a chain link fence. The girl's father expected "a fight" and Lincoln wanted to give it to him. But he recalled the previous Sunday when brother Jeff from Albany Baptist church had spoke of God great forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Lincoln testified he had received that forgiveness and felt the Lord wanted him to extend that same forgiveness to the girl's father soooooooooo he did! We were all blessed and many of us were identifying with Lincoln concerning that same forgiveness. It was a wonderful reminder to all of us was God threw offering His great forgiveness?..........NOT YET!
Still enjoying His glorious forgiveness,
Jake & Sandy

10/7 Update

Dear Praying Friends,
This morning (Monday) in big bold letters our email reported FW: RESTORE TRUST PERMITS. Sandy and i did a little victory jig together! HOORAY! We just forwarded the permits to our shipping agent which allow our container to enter South Africa. Dewald, our agent in Durban will tell us what the "bite" is concerning storage costs (as we have not been able to move the container without the necessary permits). The storage cost amounts to about $100.00 per day. Sandy and I are traveling today to Durban to settle everything in person with our trusty credit card. The longer it stays in storage the larger our fee becomes. But....... WE COT EM !

Continue to PRAY that container right to Restore's front door and we will continue to keep you informed. Isn't it so wonderful that our God just continues to keep His promises? AND MY GOD SHALL SUPPLY ALL YOUR NEEDS ACCORDING TO HIS RICHES IN GLORY IN CHRIST JESUS." Phil. 4:19. AMEN? AMEN! Sandy and i are so glad that WE GOT YOU on our team in so many many ways.
Thank you,

10/15 Update

Thank you so much for thinking of me. I didn't send out an e-mail this past week thinking the first this week our container would be released, be craned on to a flat bed semi and we could rejoice together. Sandy and i even took the the 6 hour trek from Welkom to Durban to work more up close and personal with Dewald (our freighting agent) because I'm an up close and personal kind of guy when it comes to His work. Well come to find out that their are about 14 more permits to get cleared by Pretoria. As Daffy Duck used to say, "SUFFER'N SUCATASH!" this has been due to the many itemizations they insisted we need to provide. Sooooooooooo, our agent has submitted the requests for all the permits. So we praise God that Dewald is staying on top of the matter as we continue to breath down his neck. PANT, PANT!

On the upside my son in law worked out accommodations for us at a place overlooking the Indian Ocean. Brezh, our son in law had business in another part of South Africa, but still managed to drop my Daughter, Malia and our two grandsons (Max and Oliver) off for a visit and we were thrilled.

I was racing around on the beach with the boys when the next morning I didn't feel so good, then I was really feeling bad, but the Lord led me to a good GP and I found I had picked up a doozy of a bladder and Prostrate infection. I am presently lying low and allowing the antibiotic to do it's thing. BUT we had a great time with the kids..........especially me. I said earlier "The Lord led me to a good GP. I also believe it was because a door opened up to share the Word. I then asked Dr. Naidoo if I could "pray for us. He immediately agreed. After I prayed the doctor sat very quietly for a while and then said "Pastor, I want you to know that is the first time in 35 years of practice anyone ever prayed that way with me. He became silent again and then said, It was like you actually knew Him." He actually said,"It was like you to me to higher level assured him I did.and God still had a "higher level' for him through salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! (OCT. 17TH) but far, far greater that second birth. Amen? Amen!
!. The container would SOON be released and rolling toward RESTORE.
2. Dr. Naidoo's salvation as I also left him a gospel tract as I whole heartedly believe Rom. 10:17.
3. Pray I would soon get this infection cleared up as I am still feeling lousy.
PRAISE: We were informed that storing our container would cost us $100.00 per day that has been gloriously cut back to $15.00 per day.. ISN'T HE WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL ISN'T JESUS MY LORD WONDERFUL?"

Thanks praying for us knowing also lifts us up to a "high er Level." Only God's family can do this,
After all, ' WE LOVE BECAUSE HE FIRST LOVED US!' 1 john 4:19.
Jake & sandy, too! (Where would i be without her.!)

October 26

Dear Praying Friends,
Thanks for praying and here is WHAT'S HAPPENING:
(1) We have all the permits submitted for all the itemized contents. It is now in the hands of the custom officials. Will they take this huge 40 foot container a part to see if all is as documented? We hope not, but it is their option. We just hope to have the container before Christmas. We continue to pray as I know you are as well, "THY WILL BE DONE."
Next week (Thursday Oct. 31) I have an appointment with a specialist in Pretoria as how can I move the Chron. Lymph. Leukemia into further remission. Hoping for greater insights.

WHAT'S HAPPENING with Restore Ministries? We could have at least 4 more people join us at Restore in the near future. They would be much needed and much appreciated! PRAY with us as we move carefully in this direction. Above all we are praying with our Lord THY WILL BE DONE! Amen? Amen.


WHAT'S HAPPENING? God's will is happening of that we can rest assured.
1 John 5:14,
Jake & Sandy

Posted: 10/16/2013  Expires: 11/15/2013

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