August 2013 Update

Steve & Jan Wivell  (1970)

It is 2nd semester at Victoria Baptist Bible College so we have a new schedule. Steve teaches the Greek B class of 6 students and Doctrine class of six students. Jan is teaching the Women of the Bible class with 7 students. There have been 31 students registered during this school year. One great delight is that we have a 2nd generation student. His father graduated back in 1987 and is currently the assistant pastor at Calvary Baptist Church. We are delighted to have had a part in the training of his father and now the son. We have watched Jared grow up from infancy to young adulthood. He is definitely one of a select few 2nd generation students that have come through the Bible college here. What joy!

We have had many joyful moments in the past few weeks. Steve had speaking parts in the commissioning service for the new pastor at Open Door Baptist Church, the baptism of one of our Bible college students, and the graduation service of a friend at a church Bible institute in Melbourne. The new pastor at Open Door has already been voted in as a member of the college board of directors and is getting involved. The student who was baptized is enrolled as a full time student at the Bible college. Our friend who recently graduated is getting ready to begin a new church plant southeast of Melbourne on the Bass Coast. He and his wife along with their 5 children have moved there and are preparing to start services later this year. We look forward to attending the charter service for Bass Coast Baptist Church in the not too distant future... Lord willing. One of the college graduates, who is now a lecturer at the college, is writing a textbook on the manners and customs of the Bible. Kevin asked Steve to edit the Greek and Hebrew words he used in the manuscript. They worked several hours together recently on this project. This was certainly an unusual ministry for Steve but one that was joyous.The book should be in print and ready to use when Kevin teaches that subject in the 2014 school year. More joy!

Jan and I are making preparations for an upcoming grand event for Victoria Baptist Bible College on September 21st.. This is the 40th anniversary of the college, the dedication of our new building, and the 32nd graduation service. Three students will be graduating that day. Both Frank and Miria...who are pastor and wife of the church we attend (Faith Baptist Church) and Jamil who is pastor at the Arabic speaking church (theWay Baptist Church) where Steve preaches, through an interpreter, on the first Sunday of each month. We have a very close relationship to these 3 students and have ministered along side of them as these two young churches have been planted in Melbourne. For this reason, Steve has appointed himself to give the “charge to the graduates” at this year's graduation. It will be a joy!

Stephen and Jan

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