Prayer Request

Steve & Charlene Giegerich  (1984)

Prayer Requests: August 2013

1) Pray for Tom Wright: He will have shoulder replacement surgery on September 15. Tom staffs our literature table. We will need helpers while he can not serve. Pray we will get volunteers to help staff the literature table this fall.
2) Pray for the volunteer help we need to repair at the campus house. When we collected money from the boarders who live here, we had money to repair things right away. Now we need to rely on churches to help. We can not collect any money or we will not receive 100% property tax exemption this next year. We have three people living with us, one is our family friendship student. We may have a fourth person move in this week.
3) Our faculty advisor at IUSB is leaving this summer. Pray a full time faculty member will volunteer so we can register as an on campus group for this coming Fall 2013.
4) Pray for us as we adjust Friday night Bible studies. We are not meeting the needs of the Christians because there are several coming to practice English. Almost every week we hear, "I have never heard that before." The material is basic. This summer we studied the first three chapters of Genesis. Those attending are primarily visiting scholars, post doctorates, and graduate students. They have so many questions. It is so exciting and also we have a burden for them to believe in Jesus. Pray as we have two studies going on at the same in different parts of the Campus House. We must meet the needs of the unsaved as they hear the Bible for the first time AND the Christians who are wanting more depth and personal topics to meet their needs.
5) One man who lives with us needs prayer. He had his bicycle tire slashed at Notre Dame. He borrowed my bike until he could get his repaired. One evening when he left his office at 1:00 am, he discovered the bike was stolen. Someone had cut the lock and stole the bike. He borrowed a friend's car to go to church and the driver had an accident. He has had some other things happen to him and he gets discouraged.
6) This summer we have traveled almost every other weekend to meetings. Karis, James and David usually go with me. We have had some excellent times to minister as a family in music besides share the ministry. Charlene plays the trumpet, Karis plays the flute and piano, James and Karis do guitar and flute duets. We want to be an encouragement. Pray for safety and that we have effective meetings - souls are saved and believers are edified.

Thanks for your prayers!
In Christ,
Steve and Charlene Giegerich

Posted: 9/6/2013  Expires: 10/6/2013

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