August 2013 Update

Ron & Chris Self  (1977)

Dear Faithful Prayer Partners,

Thank you for your faithful prayers on our behalf during the past two weeks. We have had good services as we have begun an expositional study of the book of Mark. I personally have learned a great deal already. It was a blessing to me to know that God used Juan (whose surname was Mark - He is never really called John Mark) to write this gospel. Juan (Mark) abandoned Paul and Barnabas on their first missionary journey, was rejected by Paul as a participant in his second missionary journey and was the source of contention for the division of the Paul-Barnabas missionary team. He also had a second nick-name . . . it was "colobodyctalus" which means stubby fingers, or deformed or restricted fingers. So, Juan (Mark) was uniquely humanly unfit to write the gospel of Mark. BUT, God in his grace allowed John to became a faithful servant, even recognized by Paul (2 Tim. 4:11) and then to be called "my son" by Peter in Rome (1 Peter 5:13), and then in spite of his apparently deformed hands, he was chosen by the Holy Spirit to write his gospel from the Apostle PeterĀ“s perspective, and we have been blessed by it for 2,000 years now - An amazing example of the grace of God in using men with their past failures, and their physical and spiritual limitations. What a blessing that the same grace is extended to us, and what a challenge to extend that same grace to those Christian brothers who are all around us!

We are thankful for the safe return from furlough of Andrew, Romina and Emily. They had a good time reporting to their supporting churches and now it is good to have them back. Their building in Vicente Lopez is looking good, especially after the removal of the column in the middle. It is now beginning to look like a church building, and hopefully very soon now God will begin to gather his true church to meet in that building. Please be praying for us as we prepare to receive a construction team of 15 workers in October. They should be able to put some of the finishing touches on this building.

Please pray about all of the logistics involved in that project and for the team in the U.S. as they make their preparations as well.

Now that Andrew and Romina have returned, we look forward to having Mark and Anahi and Sofia join us here as well. They have been very busy sharing in churches and have 2/3 of their support. However, it has been some time since their support has increased. Please pray that they might hear from some of the churches they have visited and that God would bless them in the days ahead as they have a pretty full schedule for the rest of the year. Their goal is come to the field by the end of the year. Please pray!

Our summer missionary to China returned safely last week and gave a report about his time in China, serving with the group from Maranatha.

Please pray for Marcos now as he gets back into a routine, that all that he learned and experienced in China would help him minister here, as he prepares for the ministry that God will have for him in the future.

Today we will have our weeking Bible study in the Childrens Hospital.

Please pray particularly for Jana, who has been in the hospital for 7 months now, since her birth. She is on a respirator and has not gained enough strength to breath without it. Pray for the salvation of her parents, Marcelo and Eliana. Also pray for Valentino, and for her mother, Ruth Noemi. We believe that Ruth is saved and she lives near our church, so pray for a long-term opportunity to minister to her and to her family. Please continue to pray for additional personnel to serve God in this special ministry.

Please be praying as we seek to pave our church parking lot in the next few weeks, as we prepare for our next construction group in October, and as our church plans its 30th anniversary services for November. Also be praying for a good number of visitors who have been attending for the past couple of months. Pray that we would have wisdom in ministering to each one of them.

One final request. . . When I wrote my doctoral dissertation, I evaluated 9 fundamnetal mission boards who minister in Buenos Aires, with regard to their interpretation of what is referred to in missiology as the "indigenous principal." I challenged (I believe constructively), the traditional understanding and practice of this policy. This week, I received the bound copies of my dissertation and copies will soon be going out to the 9 mission boards that were analyzed. Please pray that the boards would receive the dissertation as a constructive evaluation and a contribution to the quest for a biblical and effective strategy for urban church planting in the 21st century. My prayer is that the dissertation would be the source of blessing for mission boards and missionaries alike and that it would bring glory to God. Thank you for praying.

Thank you for your faithful prayers on our behalf.

Ron and Chris Self

Posted: 9/6/2013  Expires: 10/6/2013

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