August 2013 Update

Chris & Donna Sadowitz  (1985)

Pumpkin Hill

It couldn’t have been a better 27th anniversary for Donna and I . . . watching the sunset over Cayuga Lake as we slowly drove north on Route 90, to celebrate God's faithfulness to us as a couple; each slight rise in the road revealing another bountiful farm or picturesque landscape. Dressed for a night out and whispering a prayer of finding a sufficient eatery for the occasion, God answered our desires with “Pumpkin Hill”.

Tucked in a small vineyard, amidst rolling hills, 2 miles south of the village of Aurora, lies the best kept secret in New York State. This small bistro boasts the Ratatouille of the real world and describes itself as “Grandma's kitchen” and “comfort food with a twist.” There we enjoyed sumptuous fare at missionary prices and looked for ways to make the meal last longer. All this, plus a blackberry torte that tasted like the best hand made pop tart one has ever had! As we ate and talked in this 19th century old farm house the verse, “He doeth all things well” came to mind and we shared this with the lady chef who had overheard our groaning of delight as we consumed our fabulous fare.

Wait a minute! Is this a prayer letter or a rerun of “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives”? Well it is a paradigm and the practicum; in other words it's the command and the application. In the above paragraph we praised the Chef of Pumpkin Hill because she was worthy of praise. The paradigm and command in life is praising God. Actually praising God is the practicum - the application.

Life is Praise: Your love is better than life; praise the Lord who keeps us in life. Our lives flow much smoother when we focus on God, His character and His actions. The natural (as we were created to do and be) response is praise, giving honor to Him to whom honor is due! Think of an ocean, it's much easier to go with the waves than against them; or to swim down a river rather than battle against the current. This is true of life. God is. He is great. He deserves all praise and more than that, He is actively collecting praise from all of His creation constantly. In fact when we say the word God it necessarily results in the need of praise; and this can only be said about Him. Who He is and what He does requires, even demands, praise. Think about the practical applications of this reality in the Christian life:
Depressed? Try taking the focus off yourself and your problems and praise the Lord.
Stressed? Take time to praise God. Not just for the good, but for the problems too. Solutions often come in different guises and in His timing.
Need to witness? Praise God in the hearing of your friends. They will wonder who this supernatural being is who is on your side!
Want to grow spiritually? Don't you think God draws close to those who praise Him and delight to be with Him? Or maybe it is you and I who come back to Him who has never left us!
Need a weapon to confront the negativity and gloom of our world? Praising God will give you a divine perspective.

Menu for a Month of Praise to use for the next month:
1.Turn off FOX, CNN or any other television/internet news.
2.Read 5 Psalms a day corresponding to the date. The first of the month would be Psalms 1-5. The 15th day would find you reading Psalm 70-75.
3.Praise God vocally to someone at breakfast, lunch and dinner. This could be as simple as, “Donna I praise God for Peanut Butter Pudding!”
4.Praise Him once a day for a problem.
5.Keep a journal of praises and see if you can reach 25 a day.
6.Add your own ideas.

Praise and Prayer Requests
1.Praise God for marriage and His grace in our lives for 5 years of dating and 27 years of marriage.
2.Praise God for Jessica and her spiritually enriching summer at Lake Ann Baptist Camp.
3.Praise God for 3 significant gifts towards sending us back to Japan.
4.Praise God for the report of 31 people saved at VBS in Miyakonojo Christian Center.
5.Please pray for us to get back to Japan soon so that we may disciple those who have believed.
6.Please pray for needed funds to fly back to Japan and for work funds to continue the ministry there.
7.Please pray for 30 folks to sign up for the 8 week Good Soil Training at our home church this fall.
8.Please pray as Rota starts Davis College, Daniel finishes at Bob Jones, Jessica continues at Baptist Bible Seminary, and Michelle and Naomi attend Central Baptist.
9.Please pray for Chris as he prepares to teach in the Philippines.
10.Please pray for Chris he is the soccer coach again this fall at Central Baptist - that time with the teens will help them become Christ's disciples.

Thanks for partnering with us,
Chris & Donna

Home Church: First Baptist Church 1321 Reynolds Road Johnson City, NY 13790 Phone: (607) 238-7795
Missionary Letter Service: To be added to the prayer list or to change an address Phone: (585) 237-6054
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