August 2013 Update

Roy & Nancy Jones  (1976)

Dear Supporting Churches and Friends,

What a great summer of camps we have had. Besides the two weeks of English camps the first of July we also had family camp for the four ABWE churches the end of July. We could see God’s blessings in all of these activities. We’re grateful for those who came from the States to help us with the English camps. We ministered in our sister church in Alameda de Osuna for the first week and then for four days in our target area of Torres de la Alameda. There were about 20 kids in each camp. Some of our friends from Campo Real went with us. The owners of the center where we held the camp in Torres de la Alameda would like for us to return next year. We’re hoping this will be the beginning of a good relationship with them. Perhaps next year we can have a week of English camp followed by a week of Vacation Bible School in our ministry center. At family camp over 100 people were there throughout the four days. There were over 25 kids in Nancy and Isabel’s class. We’re praying for several unsaved people who attended. We know that God wants to use these camps for His glory.

Since we signed the contract for the ministry center in Torres de la Alameda we have been working full time to be able to occupy this building as soon as possible. We had hoped we could begin having activities in September but we have faced several setbacks. It took longer than we had hoped to get the work permit but we finally have that in hand. Now the construction crew hopes to get started next week to get the building up to code. They will need at least a month. After that we must apply for an occupancy permit. When we started the church in Coslada all we had to do was make a few minor changes and open the doors. How things have changed! We appreciate your prayers for this project. It is costing us much more than we had originally planned but we are determined to do things right and have a good testimony in this town. There are days when we wonder what we have gotten ourselves into but we continue to believe that God would have us reach this very needy town with the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are at least 6 other towns within about a five-mile radius with no gospel witness. Thanks to those of you who have given for a special need. There is still much to do to outfit the center.

So what does the future hold? We still plan to open the ministry center in Torres de la Alameda as soon as we can and set a date for the dedication service. We will then begin having Sunday services and other activities throughout the week. We continue to have two Bible studies in Campo Real and are keeping up with the friendships that we have made. Last Sunday Roy was asked to speak at a Romanian church in Coslada so we took an unsaved Romanian friend with us. We are trusting God to use us here in Campo Real as well as in our new target area. Thanks for praying with us for this endeavor. God continues to be faithful and we are confident that He will do great things.

In His Service,

Roy & Nancy Jones

Posted: 9/6/2013  Expires: 10/6/2013

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