August 2013 Update

Jane Schmitz  (1983)

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thanks so much for praying for me as I fill in for my sister Joan here in Kpalimé, Togo. Not only helping with the running of the Blind Center and Aquaponics project, the Lord gave me the opportunity to minister to 3 different ladies/teen girls groups in this area. I also visited a new group of believers on the mountain near the center. Mr. Akpatakou is a national believer that is evangelizing his home village on the weekends and they have started to meet on Sunday mornings. It was exciting to see so many men attending. I knew Mr. Akpatakou from working in the north.

I also had the privilege of seeing many national friends. What a blessing to have eternal friendships.

I just returned from the trip north to hear about the Lamba people, an unreached tribe that needs the gospel. I gained much information from 2 missionary families involved in reaching the Lamba. Each of these families is using different methodology, but it is exciting to hear of new believers from the Lamba tribe. I was also able to see many of the national women I had trained to serve (See pictures in attachment of Madame Biema, Madame Pali, Madame Sambiani Madand Akouwa), . How exciting to hear how God is using them. Even a number of the churches that I had served in while in Kara are starting daughter churches. My heart was filled with joy to hear of all God is doing through these believers. It was also exciting to visit the ABWE missionaries in Mango, where a new hospital is being built. That area is mainly Muslim territory, but God is using many of the missionaries to reach people and villages. Akouwa, one of my former house workers and fellow minister of the gospel, was married last year to a pastor. Akouwa and Minza will be moving to Mango to pastor the small church there. They would appreciate your prayers as this will be a challenge for them as they will be much like missionaries and need to learn the language and the ways of the people of Mango.

Joan arrives here tomorrow and I leave next week for Cameroon. I am excited to bring the S.S. materials printed here to help 10 churches there.

-I feel right at home here in Togo. It has been so much fun to see my Kabiye language ability come back.
-Hearing about God using many national friends to reach more and more people.
-Safety in travels all the way to the far north.
-Aquaponics is producing many veggies that we can now buy.
Prayer Requests:
*Joan’s arrival tomorrow.
*Travel to Cameroon August 23.
*Effective seminar on August 31on using the S.S. materials.
*Travel back to the states on September 5-6.
*Full activities the month of September and travel mercies to Montreal and then to N. Carolina.
*My Dad and sister’s move south to N. Carolina. That is happening today August 13th.
*Clear direction for my next place of ministry. I continue to pray that I will know what is next by October 1.
*Patience on my part as I wait “in the hallway” for the next door to open.

Thanks for standing with me in prayer and encouragement. You will see 4 different attachments: pictures of my time in Togo, Lamatou’s story, Madame Biema, my fellow coworker in the gospel and Pascal of Kouma Union. It was great to write about each one as I met with them. I had written their stories down, so I will not forget and recently put them on Facebook and thought I would share it with any others interested.

Serving Him wherever He leads,
Jane Schmitz

Posted: 9/6/2013  Expires: 10/6/2013

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