August 2013 Update

Chaz & Kari Dull  (2000)

Greetings from Loja, Ecuador,

We trust that you are doing well and recognizing God's bountiful blessings in your life! He is a good God worthy of our praise and so much more. We wanted to write to send an update on some of the amazing things that God is doing in Loja by His grace. We are thankful and humbled to have the joy and privilege of watching God work in the hearts and lives of people.

A group just got back from camp "Roca Viva" (Living Rock) in Cuenca, Ecuador on Saturday. They had a great time and were able to learn from God's Word. They were challenged in how to be connected to the right things.....God,their parents,etc. They came back with seven new songs they were taught which we hope to be able to add to our songs for children's ministry. A supporting church helped us tremendously in offering scholarships to the kids who were able to memorize a good number of verses. If they memorized ALL the verses the church here gave so much towards camp and then the church there in the States gave even more making it do-able for the people to afford to send their children to camp. We are thankful for how God uses His people in one part of His world to encourage people in another part of His world! Our co-worker, Bill, is the head counselor this week at teen camp and only one teen (his daughter) went with him this week. Prayers for them and the other campers would be greatly appreciated.

We have some interest in baptism again....there are four believers from the small church plant here who have not yet been is ready to be baptized...we are praying that over the next couple of weeks before we head to the river for baptism that the other three may make the decision to follow God in this step of obedience. It is a tough step to take here as family often receives it very hard since they were already baptized as infants. Please pray for God to work in hearts and for the upcoming baptisms tentatively planned for September 1.

We ask that you continue to hold up in prayer the men's discipleship Bible study on Tuesday evenings, ladies discipleship Bible study on Wednesday mornings, the evangelistic ladies study on Thursday evenings, the study in Catamayo (neighboring town) on Tuesdays, the Kid's club park ministry the first Sat. of every month, and of course, the small service each Sunday evening. We ask you to pray as well for the people in town who we have spiritual conversations with - that God would convict their hearts and draw them to Himself and the study of His Word. Also, for the many relationships we have with people who are not yet studying...that they would be open to His Word and come to understand what Christ has done for them.

Our co-workers are planning to leave late September for their furlough in the States. Please be in prayer for them as they do all the many things necessary before packing up for almost a year! There are lots of little details and things that need to be accomplished before they are ready to go. They will be leaving behind their oldest daughter and they new son-in-law, who will stay here in Ecuador into God supplies a visa for them to be able to go and study at Bible college in the States. Prayers for them all would be appreciated!

We covet and appreciate your prayers and/or financial support! God uses you to encourage our hearts and we know God hears your prayers and answers.

Following His Leading,
Chaz and Kari Dull

Posted: 9/6/2013  Expires: 10/6/2013

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