August 2013 Update

Kurt & Barb Matthews  (1990)


This past Wednesday, Kurt, Hannah and Prosper, (Noah's friend), took local transport to Accra to welcome our new missionaries, John and Tamara Erway. Kurt's intent was to return that same evening, but he learned that the vehicles stop running around 9 pm, so they all ended up spending the night at the guest house in Accra with the Erways and the Junges and returning with them on Thursday. It was Prosper's first trip to the capital city and he got to ride on his first escalator too!

The Erways are settling into their temporary home with the Junges while they wait to go to Togo for language studies. We are excited that our team is growing and we will have more opportunities to show Christ to our Ghanaian neighbors.

Please pray for the Erways as they acclimate to life in West Africa and begin to study the Ewe language.

For those of you who have been following the saga of our land cruiser, it finally made its way back to our house this past Thursday. I know when you send your vehicle to the mechanic, you probably expect to get it back in working order.

Well, we've learned that in Ghana our expectations are not always met. Kurt has been communicating with the fitters (mechanics) for a long time now and they finally told him that they were finished with the car and he could come and get it. So he did. I didn't let myself get too excited though when I saw him drive up to the house with it. Kurt knew that everything was not in working order when he picked it up, but that was confirmed when a tire fell off the car and went rolling down the road while he was driving it the first day. He also discovered that the power steering, the horn, or the windshield wipers didn't work, among other things. But he's been working hard the last couple of days to get everything in working order. He told me yesterday that it's now ready for me to drive it, but I haven't yet taken that opportunity.
Regardless of the difficulties, I am truly grateful to have a vehicle again. Praise the Lord with us that we got our car back!

This week we have to say "Goodbye" once again to our oldest daughter, Hannah, who has been visiting this month. She will celebrate her 18th birthday on Thursday, the 22nd and then she flies out on Friday. We are hoping to take a mini family vacation prior to her departure to have some quality family time. This morning Hannah requested a family picture since both Mawuli and Dorcas were with us and we were all dressed up for church. What a great idea! I'm so glad that I didn't have to make the request as I usually get moans and groans in response to a family photo request. But Hannah made the request, so everyone agreed.

Hannah plans to return to her job selling on Amazon and her schooling with College Plus while she stays in PA. Next summer she hopes to attend SIL's linguistic courses at the University of North Dakota. We are so proud of her! Praise the Lord with us that we were able to have this unexpected time with Hannah in Ghana.
Thank you so much for praying for us and praising God with us this week. I would love to hear from you if you have time to jot a note.

Barb, for the Mathews' clan
ABWE Ghana
Growing a new generation of passionate Christ followers


We enjoyed having Hannah with us for about a month, but that time quickly passed and on Friday we had to bid her farewell once again. This time I didn't cry my eyes out. She is doing so well, working hard at her job and with her schooling, and she has such a strong desire to serve the Lord that I am just so proud of her! I feel like we are shooting one of our arrows out into the world to impact people for Christ. It's a great feeling. We do miss her though - I really miss how she makes me laugh. Thank you, Hannah, for taking the time to come and see us. And thank you all for praying for her and for us during this time of transition in our lives.

Our mini vacation with the whole family (including our "adopted" Ghanaian children, Mawuli and Dorcas) went very well. Even though we didn't feel that our car was ready for that big trip, God provided for us. The Junges were a blessing in several ways. They drove us to the Sajuna Beach Club to spend the day swimming and having fun together. Then, from there, they drove us the rest of the way to the capital city of Accra. There we stayed at a nice guest house with a big grassy area to play. While staying at the guest house, we took taxis to wherever we wanted to go and in some cases, we just walked. The weather has been rather cool this month, so walking was enjoyable.
We also got to welcome back our teammates, the Zimmerman family as they arrived on Wednesday evening. Now the whole team is back on the field together! It will be neat to see how God works in us and through us to accomplish His work in Ghana.
Enjoy the photos of our vacation! I also posted several pictures on Facebook for those who are interested in seeing more.

Barb, for the Mathews' clan
ABWE Ghana
Growing a new generation of passionate Christ followers

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