August 2013 Update

Mark & Nancy Waite  (1986)

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As we have shared with you recently, even though we are no longer in Cameroon or serving with CTEN, we are still actively involved in the ministries God opened up for us in Cameroon. In addition, we have begun to expand our work in the area of training national believers to reach their own unreached people groups as evangelists, missionaries, and church planters. In addition to our two schools in Cameroon which have now trained over 50 national believers we are hoping to expand into Liberia and even India in the near future. Currently, I have also been asked to train some of our indigenous church planters here in Vermont who are working in the remote northeastern section of the State. I will begin doing this toward the end of August. In addition, we are beginning the training here in Manchester and have a full class of men signed up to begin the 13 week training August 31.

With these opportunities being presented to us, we have decided to change the name of the ministry from Centers For Missionary Training, Tactics & Theology (CM3T) to Global Centers For Missionary Training, Tactics & Theology (GCM3T). We also have a new web address which is I hope you'll check it out and keep us and GMC3T in your prayers. This is really a family ministry venture which would not go very far were it not for Mark Daniel's and Sara's technical skills and help in producing many of our materials. In addition, both Mark Daniel, who is now a student at Southern Seminary and Luke, a student at Boyce College in Louisville, KY will be a great help in the future as leaders of some of our deployable training teams. Nancy, as always remains my faithful helpmate and constant encourager in this work. Bethany continues to help us as well even from her new home in Louisville, KY where she too is a student at Boyce College. Rachael, Esther, and Peter hold down the fort here and keep Nancy and I from taking life too seriously. And for those of you who are wondering--Sara Grace is out of the Coast Guard and we are praying that Fidele will soon get his visa to the US so they can be married.

Of course, all the praise and the glory goes to our Great Lord and King. We trust that our continued service in training national believers to reach the unreached in their countries will be honoring to our Lord and result in Him receiving great glory!

Thanks for all of your support, be it prayer or finances. It does make a difference!

For The Sake of The Gospel,
Mark Waite

Posted: 9/3/2013  Expires: 10/3/2013

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