August 2013 Update

Richard & Julia Rudolph  (2007)

Well we are thankful to write this email and update you on all the positive things we have seen take place this last month. Yesterday the last group that came for "Take Off" headed home. The cumulative past couple weeks with them were very full and tiring, yet fun and fulfilling.
We were able to work with each of the churches within the hour radius that Kusel Mission Ministries is currently working with. The group consisted of Americans, Swiss, Germans, one Brazilian and one Portuguese. It was a full ten days of ministering in various ways in these each of these cities. It consisted of; games for children in the park, passing out flyers about our new church, visiting nursing homes and helping out in one "teen center." The flyers also invited those in St. Wendel and Pirmasens to an "Open Evening" at our churches to get to know our location, people and discuss the important things in life, mainly God:)

Many of those on the missions' team learned a lot about cross cultural ministry especially considering language barriers and understanding the German culture for what it is; good or bad, hard or not so hard, and so on. We are thankful for the experience and time we all had together. We were encouraged by them and hope even to receive a few interns from the group in the next year!

In our church we are continuing to see a few particular people who are hungry to growth in their knowledge of the Bible and their relationship with Christ. This excites us and we are meeting with them as often as we can to help walk them through a book on Philippians. Our prayer, as Paul even writes here, is that as a church our love would abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment.
We are thankful also to have had two of our newest/youngest members (a married couple) get baptized. This was now a few weeks ago and we are excited as we also look forward to the next baptism which will include two other men who are also a very integral part of our church. None of them are brand new believers but just have never taken this next step of obedience in testifying before others about their faith.

Thanks for praying for this ministry. We could not do this without you; and we mean that:)

Prayers Answered:
- Our "Take Off 2013" outreach went really well and almost all of our city knows about City Kirche
- A couple of teenagers who helped with "Take Off" are pursing overseas missions
- We have seen more people in our church with a desire to be discipled

Prayer Request: (would you take 5 minutes a day to pray for)
- That we would see 5 unbelieving spouses come to know Christ.
- That we would see more visitors come to City Kirche as a result of "Take Off"
- That our language school would progress our language ability.
- That our relationship with Christ would continue to deepen.

In Christ,
The Rudolphs

Posted: 9/3/2013  Expires: 10/3/2013

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