July 2013 Update

Ruth Rising  (1988)

Dear Friends,

I’ve been back in South Africa for 1 ½ months already and it has FLOWN by! We currently have a team from Cedarville here at Bethesda and since I have been back, we have had teams from Purdue, Faith Baptist, and Baptist Bible College here as well. It is such a blessing to interact with college kids and see their desire to serve and their passion to minister to the children and families. I am thankful to be a part of that.

I am also thankful to be a part of Neo’s life. Neo is one of our Bethesda kids who has had a slight detour in her life at the moment. She was studying nursing and has had to change that for now. She is temporarily working in the Bethesda office as an assistant and I have had the privilege of getting her oriented to the office and helping her know how things work both procedurally as well as on the computer. When Neo and I were going over the staff orientation manual (which includes 7 in-depth Bible lessons) – I was so encouraged by her knowledge of Scripture and her comprehension of so many of the truths that we help our parents emphasize in their homes. It is a real testimony to the wonderful and faithful teaching that she has received in the 10+ years that she has had in the Matjeni home!

Melissa Stone has been an intern with the office and teams at Bethesda for almost a year now and I actually don’t know how in the world I will manage in the office without her when she leaves (in a few months).  She has been and is invaluable. She is also helping Neo learn how many things get done so that when she leaves, Neo will be able to take over many of those items for a while.

Some great news that we received about 2 weeks ago is that the final letter that we have been waiting for a LONG time was finally signed. We are now able to apply for the Proclamation of the Village and will be able to soon make arrangements to get the occupancy certificate to the children’s home (that has been built and ready for 3 years!). God’s timing is perfect whether we understand it or not and we are thankful for that. We are to “walk by faith” all the time and trust God for these matters!

I have been struggling with ear infections since February which seemed a bit strange to me since I have never struggled with those before that I can ever remember. After being to the Dr several times, he finally diagnosed it as a “super bug” which is resistant to many drugs– how fun! So – I am thankful for a diagnosis and for the multiple different kinds of meds to hopefully knock this thing out. It has reminded me of how sin works in that it often seems insignificant and small. In fact, we hardly even notice it at first and without realizing it, it turns into something quite big, strong and really difficult to get rid of – and often with consequences that we would never have dreamed! Only by God’s grace does He allow us to see the seemingly small sins and deal with them than when they have become habits and become much harder to replace with godly actions/thoughts/desires.

I would ask you to continue praying for my support needs, in early March, I was at 80% of my support and it dropped 20% very quickly but by God’s grace and the generosity of some current and new supporters, my support is now up to about 70-72%. I am so thankful for this increase! I am still in need of more support and that missing 30% works out to approx $1500/mo. Thank you for praying!

Have a wonderful day in the Lord!

Ruth A. Rising

Posted: 7/11/2013  Expires: 8/10/2013

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