July 2013 Update

David & Evelyn Stone  (1974)

Dear Prayer Partners,

On Thursday night, a medical group from Cedarville arrived to join with us and our Peruvian volunteers for a full week of mobile medical clinics. Friday was a day of preparation, stocking the pharmacy and organizing the clinic. It was also a frustrating day as I realized that the legal paperwork for the vehicle that had been donated to the center was not in order and there was not time to complete all that was necessary before we were on the road. The bottom line was that if we risked driving the mobile clinic truck without the proper paperwork, and if we were pulled over for any reason, it could be confiscated with all of the medical and dental equipment and pharmacy. We cried out to God for help, and He sent it in an unexpected manner. The secretary of a congressman heard of our plight and offered to obtain a letter from the congressman authorizing our clinic and offering to intercede in the case of any problem. That secretary was the mother of a teen girl whom we had counseled and saved her baby from abortion 4 years ago at the New Life Prenatal Center. By the end of the day we had an official government letter in hand. Not only that, but at 9 AM today a police escort arrived that accompanied us for the rest of the day!

Today's clinic was held in the Rock of Manchay Church, a daughter work of the Chapel on the Rock Baptist Church that was our last church plant. The church began when one lady came to the New Life Prenatal Center in a moment of crisis and accepted the Lord. Then her husband, and 20 neighbors accepted the Lord! After being discipled and baptized at our Chapel on the Rock Church, a deacon from our church became their pastor and our church helped them build a second floor on their house for a church auditorium.

Today we filled that auditorium with 7 Peruvian counselors from the Prenatal Center who shared the gospel with each of the 61 people who came for medical or dental care. 9 people made decisions for salvation. David and I served as translators for the doctors from Cedarville who set up offices in the Sunday school rooms. In the mobile clinic vehicle, two Peruvian dentists attended patients while Angela and another missionary worked in the pharmacy. It was an excellent set up that facilitated sharing Christ's love with many people.

In Christ
The Stones
Posted: 7/11/2013  Expires: 8/10/2013

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