July 2013 Update

Jake & Sandy Schrader  (1976)

Dear Praying Friends,

Today, we finally found our LOST LAMB, Pule.' as you possibly remember we lost Pule' from our Restore property last Tuesday night. Pule' had gone off his medication and had disappeared into the night without his shoes or jacket. We found him not frozen in a ditch somewhere as dreams like this would startle me awake. He had been spotted by Protea Security. A guard informed us that he almost shot him thinking he was a tsotsie but Pule' convinced him he was only hiking to his grandmothers. In fact, he didn't know where he was going. Eventually he was caught and moved from place to place. Eventually they recognized him as not being up to criminal mischief, but rather mentally unstable. He is about 20 kilometers away from us in a small but well kept provincial hospital.. He was delighted to see everybody. but the doctors don't believe he should be released yet. He is making great progress as he adjusts to his meds. Thank you for praying for his safety and well being. Our God has certainly answered your prayers. Continue to PRAY for his recovery and release.

Our Daniel who up keeps and patrols our property wonderfully escaped THE LION this past Tuesday night. Thieves broke into our property about 11:30 that night. They broke into the Sunday school wing of our building but found nothing they wanted. This time the burglar alarm went off, but they proceeded around to the other side of our complex to Daniel's apartment. They eventually broke in, but before they could do any harm to Daniel, Harmony Gold's security vehicle arrived on the scene and the thieves fled. Security looked around the premises and then assured Daniel they would stop back within the hour. Once the patrol truck was gone, the thieves returned. Daniel fought for all he was worth..........Suddenly a shot was fired, but they missed Daniel and Daniel was able to spray them with pepper spray. Screaming and swearing they ran off into the night. Protea security and then the local police came to the scene. They found the bullet that was fired and may possibly be able to trace it back to the owner, but probably not the thief. Yes, the Lord spared our Daniel from THE LION. But he is still badly shaken up and needs your continued prayers.

One thing that keeps Sandy and I going out here was a happening last Sunday after the morning service. The same Daniel you just read about came up to me and took me by the shoulders. He said, "Pastor today I have truly trusted Christ for my Savior!" That's what honestly keeps us going and one more thing...................I believe the time is near when THE LION AND THE LAMB will lie down together. Amen? Amen. EVEN SO COME LORD JESUS!

The doctor has put me on another dose of antibiotics, so I better be taking better care of myself.

Good night to you all,
Jake and my sweetheart, who is already asleep.

July 10 Update


We will let you know how things go on our end, but thanks so very much for getting the ball rolling.

In His love & service,
Jake & Sandy

7/13 Update
Hello Praying Friends,
I (Jake) have been taking as good care of myself this past week as much as possible concerning this ever nagging flu. Taking my medications like a "good boy." Looking forward to being with the Restore Team for Friday Nite Teens. Doing great until Thursday evening rolled around and this "big bully" called influenza simply knocked me for a loop. Sigh! It just seemed like all my bed rest and flu medication was simply in vain. My heart ached for MY LOVE, as she would be picking up and dropping off most of teens by herself But our LORD taught me a lesson that it seemed I had long forgotten. UNLESS THE LORD BUILDS the house, they labor in vain who build it; UNLESS THE LORD GUARDS the city, The watchman keeps awake in vain." Psalm 127:1.

UNLESS THE LORD BUILDS; Our teens were excited and responding to Josh's questions like "eager beavers." Josh was so blessed! The couple who were with him from the UK were so glad to be a part of this joyful fellowship. Our Hani Park teens definitely personified "HAVING NOTHING BUT POSSESSING ALL THINGS. We had close to FIFTY TEENS OUT LAST NITE! They PRAYED TOGETHER. THEY PLAYED TOGETHER. THEY STUDIED TOGETHER and with the promise of Psalm 127:1 THEY WILL STAY TOGETHER! They all enjoyed a steaming hot dinner, thanks to your generous and faithful giving.

UNLESS THE LORD GUARDS THE CITY: Two of our young men willingly and humbly confessed the sin they had fallen into....again! They had been "smoking." out here that refers to smoking cannabis (pot). i was told you could hear a pin drop. After the praise and study group concluded, teens were greatly moved by their confessions and said they needed to deal with this problem themselves. James says, 'THEREFORE CONFESS YOUR SINS TO ONE ANOTHER AND PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER SO THAT YOU MIGHT BE HEALED. James 5;16

PRAY for their healing. PRAY that many....even all who are attending who have not yet found Jesus will find the Almighty Healer of their souls. Amen? Amen! I need to be reminded from time to time, THE EFFECT PRAYER OF A RIGHTEOUS MAN CAN ACCOMPLISH MUCH. Continuing praying for Yours Truly. I am continually amazed of what the LORD can BUILD without my "genius." And of what He is able to GUARD in spite of my sleepless nights and anxiety attacks......................... How about you?

Continuing to stand amazed in His presence,
Jake..................& Sandy, too!

7/20 Update
Dear Praying Friends,
It just seems the past week Has flown by. Our verse: "See how great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called CHILDREN OF GOD.. . 1 JOHN 3:1. "Children" could also be translated "FAMILY." God is our loving HEAVENLY FATHER.. Paul refers to us as BRETHERN. Gal. 1:2, and others. Our Lord referred to us as BROTHERS AND SISTERS. Math 12:50. One of my favorite chorus's is I'M SO GLAD I'M APART OF THE FAMILY OF GOD. This we feel is a fundamental building block in the growth of Restore Baptist Church. Let us explain.

THE FAMILY: Our teens (guys and girls) can get a bit rough with each other some times. Mamma Sandy especially reminds the guys, "Would you like some guy to handle your sister that way? They get a very stern look on their faces and say, "No way, Maama Sandy. They would have to deal with me!" Young men will slip up to me and whisper, YOU KNOW PASTOR, YOU ARE NOW MY FATHER. and I whisper back AND YOU ARE MY SON. We remind them you are now A FAMILY and must look out for each other as brothers and sisters. Of course the best understanding comes as guys and girls receive Jesus Christ by faith as their personal Savior. We build on this most vital truth that you now have become a part of THE FAMILY OF GOD. Amen? Amen! PRAY our teens will continue to grow in love and respect for each other as THE FAMILY of God. Might I also add, they certainly don't take the place of my own flesh and blood kids whom I know will be reading this letter. Ok Schrader kids? LOVE YOU.

THE FAMILY: We told you about our 19 year old boy named Pule." He had been attending at Restore for almost 2 years and had asked if he could live at Restore. We provided living quarters for him, but he neglected to tell us he was on medication to stabilize his sometimes severe emotional ups and downs. He also failed to tell us that he had decided to go off his medication. One Sunday after services Pule' came to me and said he feared some one was out to get him. This does happen at Hani Park. We have lodged people at Virgina's place because they were sure their life, or their child's was in danger. Pule's assassin was his own mind and he vanished for over a week. Sandy and I and others searched high and low until we located him at a special care facility in Kroonstad. Joyfully, Sandy took two of Pule's relatives to visit him. What a blessed reunion! But the doctor wanted to keep him for observation another day. Pule' was still mentally frail. One of his relatives had a car and said she would pick up Pule' upon his release. This happened but after returning to Hani Park mentally frail Pule' was told his relative had to fetch him from the hospital because the Schraders refused to come and get him. Mentally frail Pule' did not know what to believe. Rumors and slanderous remarks were flying everywhere. Sandy and I prayed and simply decided to let things take their course. Rom. 8:28. One guy who was driving Pule' to school, began to impress upon Pule' that he should leave Restore and join his church. Pule' continued to tell me that suddenly he came to his senses. He thanked the man for his assistance, but he told him he could not leave Restore Baptist church "They need me! And I have learned so much from Pastor Jake. (That little remark has inspired me to hit the books a little bit harder)." At least, that's what he told me. Pule' had his 'FAMILY" and we meant every thing to him and Pule' to us. Yes, Pule was out this past Friday night hitting that volley ball for all he was worth. and he was out to Men's Saturday morning Bible study participating as the child of God he is...A born again child of THE FAMILY OF GOD! Amen? Amen! PRAY FOR PULE'S CONTINUED EMOTIONAL STABILIZATION AND GROWTH IN OUR LORD SAVIOR.

THE FAMILY: Recently we told you that our forty foot container is on it way. It should be arriving September 5th. What a blessing! But let me relate to you an even greater blessing. We just received an email from some folks at Albany Baptist church that several of our BROTHERS and SISTERS would like to come out and help us unload this container if we could use them. IF WE COULD USE THEM? COME ON OVER! I just replied to their email. Now there is another example of an extension of THE FAMILY, the family of God!

Thanks again for your precious part, FAMILY,

7/25/ Update
Dear Praying Friends,
Greetings from South Africa. EXTRACTIONS can be painful but sometimes most necessary. My darling wife is going to need extensive dental work. It is going to cost in the neighborhood of $2400.00. We do not have dental coverage and it needs to be done within the next 6 weeks. Thus we hope to extract some fervent prayer in this matter. All contributions would be sent to Central Missionary Clearinghouse, P.O. Box 219228, Houston, Texas. 77218-9226. Thanks so much for praying.......and giving as the Lord leads.

EXTRACTIONS: About one hour ago I received a fantic phone call from Welkom. My wife was robbed while shopping in Welkom. Sandy had just gotten into our car and was putting on her glasses. Suddenly a guy yanks open her car door and begins shouting at her. Another opens the passenger side and EXTRACTS her purse. Both race off down the street. We are so thankful she was not physically harmed....just pretty much emotionally shook up AS YOU CAN WELL IMAGINE. PRAY that nerves will calm down and our anger will subside. Yes PRAY her purse would be returned as once again drivers license and a vital credit cards are gone.

One thing Sandy and I remind each other there is one EXTRACTION thieves cannot break in and steal,.HIS PEACE THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING!

Thanks for your precious part in these EXTRACTIONS,
Jake & and Sandy (a pretty shook up little lady...and still the love of my life).

Posted: 7/11/2013  Expires: 8/10/2013

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