July 2013 Update

Richard & Julia Rudolph  (2007)

Dear Prayer Partners,

The month of June began many new adventures: Justus walking, language school, joining our city's basketball team, attending a country wide church planting conference, and planting a church.

Julia and I have enjoyed our language school so much. We came to Germany knowing a little German, but speaking it grammatically wrong. Now it is time to learn more words and work on our grammar structure. There are definitely times when we are discouraged with German, but it is something every cross-cultural missionary goes through.

Julia and I continue to have connections into our city and an opportunity came up to join our city’s basketball team. Not many people want to play basketball in our city so there are no try outs. I found it very funny that they were thrilled that I knew English, so I could explain the directions they had on defense from English to German. It has been an amazing opportunity to get to know 20 guys in our city.

In the beginning of June, my teammate and I attended a nationwide church planting conference. There was about 100 church planters that gathered together and we discussed how to have an effective church planting movement in Germany. A highlight was praying together for Germany and crying out to God that He would move in our country.

There is a great spirit in our new church. At the end of July we will baptize 4 people! It has been amazing to see how God brought it all together. I have began discipling a new Christian and it is amazing to see his hunger to follow Christ and learn God’s Word. Another big event that our church has in July is our first outreach in St. Wendel and to other cities in the region who have asked for help. We will have 30 young people from: Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, and America coming together to help reach our cities. We would ask you to take 5 minutes every day this month to pray for our outreach and the unsaved spouses of our church members. Your prayers are at work here in our city, please continue to pray with us!

(4 of our people getting baptized)

Prayers Answered:
- I have began discipling a man in our church
- We have Began language school, and it has helped already (long way to go)
- We have had some unbelievers come to church and hear the Gospel!

Prayer Request: (would you take 5 minutes a day to pray for)
- That we would see 5 unbeliever spouses come to know Christ.
- That our language would continue to progress.
- That our city and regional outreach July 25 - Aug 3 would allow many to hear the Gospel and get saved.
- That our relationship with Christ would continue to deepen.
As our city's church bells rang this Sunday it hit me, everyone hears these bells but few have heard the Gospel. This month God has continued to remind us that we have to be dependent upon him for the work here, as He Advances His church. It’s been great to be brought to a point where you can’t rely on your own gifts and abilities. We have to rely on Him to work in the hearts of people. What a gift we have to fall on our knees and pray through His promises and plead for His grace to flow from generation to generation. Through the resurrection we have hope and know what awaits us. (Rev 5:9-14)

In Christ,
The Rudolphs
Posted: 7/11/2013  Expires: 8/10/2013

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