June 2013 Update

Nick & Krista Rachevsky  (2003)

Season of Summer

This past week in our church’s Wednesday night Bible study, we read from Isaiah 28. The last few verses talk about agriculture in order to teach us a spiritual truth. Just like there are certain times, tools, and work with each specific type of plant that is to be harvested, God uses certain tools and work in our lives at special times to bring us to repentance, to break us of our own selfish will, and to become more like the people He wants to be. A farmer doesn’t just break up the hard soil all year round. It lasts only for time, so that the seed can be ready for it to grow in. Then there is weeding, watering, and waiting. Then comes the work of the harvest. After that come the refining or extracting to make it usable. If you seem to be going through a time where God is breaking your heart up to make it softer, or refining you, taking away the chaff from the seed, realise it is only for a season, to produce something good in you, for God’s purposes (Galatians 5:22-23).

Every Summer seems more of a season change than any other for me. The routine of a school year ends, and different opportunities for ministry and family time arise. A different kind of busyness has set in. There are opportunities to serve in the church through Vacation Bible School. There are new colleagues that need help with orientation. There are camps that are used to reach out to children and young people. There will be preparations for the next school year with new curriculum and new technologies. There will also be language school for me and Krista in August. Although the break from the school routine is nice, there is still much going on and we would ask for you to keep praying for us.

In Christ,
Nick and Krista
Posted: 7/11/2013  Expires: 8/10/2013

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