June 2013 Update

Jane Schmitz  (1983)

Hello all,

This is just a quick note to let you know I arrived safely with my luggage into Accra, Ghana and Joan met me there. We had one overnight in Accra at the Baptist Mid Missions guest house. My home church had sent out missionaries many years ago that helped in the church next to this property, so it is always encouraging as a missionary to see the work continue. We took taxis all way to the border where Joan's vehicle was parked. We ended up with a Kabiye young man coming all the way with us, so I enjoyed practicing my Kabiye and talking to him about Jesus. I then had to get my initial Togo visa, which is a 2 step procedure, as we went Monday to get an extended visa. Since Joan lives in land, it is a good amount of traveling to do all these things.

Joan is now passing on all the information I need to keep things going here. It is exciting to see the Aquaponics project coming together. I met the couple helping with that last summer, so it is great to see how God is blessing this project. 4 of the students have an important test next week and the teachers have end of the year things to do next week as well. Joan leaves tomorrow morning for her flight to the states. I am sure she would appreciate your prayers.

Though I do not know many people in this area, I am getting visitors from the past that live here now. It is exciting to hear about Mr. Apatakou who is starting a Bible study in his home village. He has 10 people there that have come to Christ. It is wonderful when the nationals catch the vision to reach others.

I will keep you posted as I am able to.

Thanks for praying for me.
Serving Him in Kpalime, Togo at the Village of Light,
Jane Schmitz

Posted: 7/11/2013  Expires: 8/10/2013

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