June 2013 Update

Steve & Jan Wivell  (1970)

Dear Prayer Partners,

Many of you have asked us about our new Bible college facility...yes, we certainly are enjoying it. It may be helpful to describe for you a typical week of ministry in our new location.

On Monday night Steve taught a class from 7 to 9:15 PM at our old campus which is less than 15 minutes from our home. We are using this semester as a transition so we can be sure all our mail has been diverted to the new address plus allowing students to change over to our new location. After this semester we will be totally moved out of the old campus.

On Tuesday the alarm went off at 6:20 AM. We started our trip to the new campus at 8:50 AM. It is a trip of about 1 hour 15 minutes through Melbourne city. We arrived at10:15. The 10 AM class taught by another lecturer was already in session. A few minutes later two volunteers arrived. These young men are helping us with some moving in tasks needing to be done. Jan set them up with some projects to do. At 10:30 Steve did the weekly discipleship lesson with Michael a taxi driver. After the lesson, Michael wanted to take us out for lunch. We met up with his wife and we were off to the local Fasta Pasta for a meal and sweet fellowship. We returned about 1 PM for Steve's next class. About that time a worker arrived to install the interior roll blinds in the main classroom. During the day Jan accomplished several secretarial tasks on her list. After Steve's class, we enjoyed fellowship with a couple students over the Scriptures, then we worked together to prepare a Victoria Baptist Bible College display table to be set up at the young adult retreat in July and photocopied materials we need for the upcoming 2nd semester registration and orientation. About 6 PM Jan prepared our dinner in the kitchenette from items she packed from home----homemade soup, bread, and fresh fruit. Students arrived for the two evening classes which began at 7 PM. After the classes were over, we packed up the car and started for home. When we arrived home at 11:15, it did not take long before we were fast asleep in our comfy bed!

The rest of the week we did errands for the college, such as, paying bills. We had more college administration tasks to do and hours of study for class sessions and ministry opportunities that are coming up for both of us. All of those tasks were done at our home office so we did not make any more trips over to the college location. Yes, the new building is much farther from our home but is really in a better location as it is closer to all the other teachers and most of the students.

We are planning a special celebration service on September 21. The college will celebrate its 40th anniversary with a dedication of the new building and the graduation service of 3 students.
We wish you could all be here with us as it is your celebration too.

Stephen and Jan

Posted: 6/20/2013  Expires: 7/20/2013

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