June 2013 Update

Dave & Karen Hamrick  (1994)

Dear friends,

Much has happened in the last few months!

Mid- March, Dave travelled to the ABWE Home Office in New Cumberland, PA, to walk alongside the man whose position Dave was considering. We have felt that God has been leading us out of Cameroon over the last 6 + months and believe that this missionary ministry is directly where God is leading.

Dave will be involved with the teaching and training of new missionaries within the CEIM Training Division of ABWE. He will be “discipling the disciple makers.” He will also be involved in the teaching/training ministries that ABWE’s provides to the American churches that support ABWE missionaries. Dave will be able to travel overseas several times during the year, with others in the training division, to our on-field missionaries and their international partners. We are very excited about the new opportunities we will have within ABWE’s Training Division.

This new ministry is still missionary status under ABWE. We are still dependent on churches and individual supporters. Thank you for those who choose to continue to support us as we move from one mission field to another. We count on this consistent support in order for a smooth transition from Cameroon, Central Africa to ABWE in PA.

In 1995, Karen and I stayed for the first time at ABWE Guest Housing at the Home Office. At that time, we were impressed with this great opportunity for the mission to have the rooms and space to house a limited number of the missionaries, pastors and families passing through the Harrisburg area. An exciting addition to our ministries at the home office is for Karen to be the new Guest Housing Coordinator for those same guest rooms! We will be living on the home office property; our new address is 520 Lewisberry Road, New Cumberland, PA, 17105. We praise the Lord for these personal, well fitted missions’ positions for both Karen and I!

In the midst of our busy house-hold goods disposal and the wrapping up of our ministries in Cameroon, we have had the pleasure to celebrate AJs graduation. How fast time flies from AJs first day at Morning Star Pre-school in Durban, South Africa to his high school graduation from Rain Forest International School here in Yaoundé, Cameroon, last Thursday evening (June 13). AJ will travel with us over the summer and help us to move our belongings from MI to PA. He will begin his undergraduate studies at Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit, PA in mid -August. AJ will be studying Pastoral Ministries with a counseling focus.
Zachary finished his eleven IGCSE exams, (International General Certificate of Secondary Education exams, Cambridge University, England), completing his 10th grade year at RFIS. Please pray for Zac and the bittersweet transition this is for him.

We will leave Yaoundé on Tuesday, June 18, arriving in MI on Wednesday evening. Our family will attend our home church of South Baptist in Flint on Sunday, June 23. We will squeeze in visits to dentists, eye doctors, and time for haircuts.

Tuesday, June 25we will drive a truck of our belongings from MI to PA. We will spend the next few days getting settled, visiting a High School with Zac, and beginning the preliminary process of transferring into the home office.
Saturday, June 29 is the family reunion with Karen’s extended family and the first day of our Fish family vacation. We will then spend a couple more days in Harrisburg. Next on our schedule, we are traveling to Indianapolis for the Friday, July 12 wedding for Karen’s sister and for physical exams. Then the four of us will split for Lake Ann (Zac), ABWE for Candidate Seminar (Dave), and grandparents events (Karen and AJ).

We will give our ministry update/transition at South Baptist on Sunday, July 28. Then another road trip back to Harrisburg. Please pray for each of us as we have different transitions into a new life off of the ‘overseas’ assignment. AJ will begin college and living away from parents; Zac will attend school and live in a new area where he knows no-one and Karen and I haven’t lived full time in the US for 20 years – there is sure to be some adjustment. Thank you in advance for your continued prayers for our family!

Serving together for His glory and by His grace,

Dave, Karen, AJ & Zac

Posted: 6/20/2013  Expires: 7/20/2013

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