May 2013 Update

Richard & Julia Rudolph  (2007)

Dear Prayer Partners,

We can not thank you enough for your prayers during our first month in Germany. It is hard to believe that we have been here a little over a month. It feels longer because of how packed our schedule has been. The last two weeks we have gotten settled into our house in St. Wendel (still without internet and we just got our kitchen) and filled out more paper work than one could ever desire. It feels like there is light at the end of the paperwork tunnel.
During our first month here we have been able to build relationships with so many people, either in our church plant or in the city. We have had the advantage of already knowing a little German, so we were able to begin where we left off 3 years ago. It has only been a month but God has allowed us to see the church here in St. Wendel grow wider. We have had first time visitors come to church and have been able to build relationships with them. We are also praying and believing God is growing us deeper. Starting this month, Lord willing, we will begin praying weekly for our church and city in the mornings with 3 to 4 men. Also this month we are planning on beginning a weekly small group meeting at our house. Both are steps to build community and to see God work through prayer. Julia is also going to have a women’s coffee and tea at our house in a week for our ladies and others who do not come to church.
We are thankful for natural avenues we have had to connect to people in the city; whether it is buying our coffee from the same lady, shopping at the same place, or watching soccer with friends of friends. Each way has been vital to meet many new people. I met the leader of our city’s running club while watching a soccer game at a friend’s house, so Julia has now joined their weekly running group and ran with them in our city’s half marathon. We are thankful for these opportunities and pray God continues to bring more of them our way!
This next month we hope to begin a regular routine, Lord willing; working with interns, small group/church, meals with people, language study, and being active in our city. We feel more confident in our German after 1 month, but it also means we realize how far we have to go. The prayers of God’s people had such an effect in Paul’s ministry and we believe the same is happening here. Paul asked for prayer that doors may be opened so that they could declare the Gospel in Colossians 4:3. Please continue to do the same for us. We thank you for your prayers throughout our journey up to this point.

In Christ,
The Rudolphs
Posted: 5/3/2013  Expires: 6/2/2013

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