May 2013 Update

Roger & Marcy Smith  (1976)

Dear Prayer Partners,

Greetings to all our friends and prayer partners! Now we can show some pictures and share some news that will hopefully encourage your hearts as we have been encouraged. Yes, we have found a place to rent in the key Outback city of Arcoverde. Instead of renting a house we have found a building that we are leasing for two years to begin reaching out to the community. This will be a place of Bible study and discipleship classes as well as a resource center for churches in town and in neighboring cities.

The thing that brought us that joyful sense of wonder was that we had chosen a subdivision with no church in it as our target community. Carlos had been doing some looking there on a trip of his to the region and found out that a man he had led to the Lord a few years back had this building in the exact neighborhood that we are targeting, and that he could make it available to us! Adegilson is a restaurant manager at a place where we often ate on our trips through town. We had given him a Bible and various books back then and always had great visits with him. Now we can minster weekly to him and his family! For now we will use the Hotel we have been staying in on our trips there for the two or so nights a week we spend there. It is only three blocks from the building and has a nice auditorium we can use for services, when the time comes. Needless to say, we are excited! It will take some time for the building to be finished and equipped, so please pray about that. Inside view We will be providing a list of needs for this brand new ministry in the near future to those who would like to get involved. This might include Sunday School classes, daily vacation Bible school club projects, as well as individuals. We are still praying for God to raise up others to help make a team for reaching this neighborhood and impacting the Outback in general. Carlos and his wife Dinalda want to help as much as they can. Dinalda continues to work as Koinonia’s secretary and Carlos is now doing tent-making missions. Others from Koinonia want to help on a rotating basis. We are also recruiting more missionaries for the Outback region with ABWE. Will you continue to pray about this?

Koinonia Baptist News:
We had asked prayer for the four nights of our The Landlord with Dinalda and us Easter Play. We are glad to report that we had a full house each night. That means that we had a total of around 850 - 900 people out in all. We have reports that some gave their lives to Christ. The Lord really blessed and many think it was the best play yet. Praise the Lord for this. This event also does wonders for all who give of their time and talents for lots of hours of preparation. The fellowship and personal growth are very evident in many lives. We have a baptism set for May 19th for new believers at Koinonia. We have seen a slow but steady growth in our attendance as well. Thanks to each of you for your prayers and love shown toward us. We count it a privilege to represent you here in this great land.

Roger and Marcy Smith

Posted: 5/2/2013  Expires: 6/1/2013

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