May 2013 Update

Ron & Chris Self  (1977)

Dear Prayer Partners,

Today was a very long day, but when of great blessing. After arriving in the U.S. on Tuesday, we waited in Atlanta until our son Mark arrived on Wednesday. We then drove up to Greenville to meet without surgeons. First I met with Dr. Bostrom, a fine Christian man, missionary kid from Brazil, who gave me extraordinary attention. He checked everything out and then gave me a referral to his retinal surgeon, Dr. Kaiser. He is also a fine Christian man who spends time each year dong missions trips around the world.

The two of them both gave me very special attention. Dr. Kaiser said that the surgery could wait until Monday, so I can participate in my graduation ceremony at BJU. Then on Monday, Dr. Kaiser and Dr. Bostrom will coordinate their schedules and Dr. Bostrom will remove the cataract that I need to have removed and then Dr Kaiser will re-attach the retina. So, they will do the two surgeries at one time!

┬ĘThe only thing that upset this timetable is if the retinal detachment suddenly began to peel detach more quickly. That is not expected. Please pray that the surgery will go well and then pray for me as I look ahead to not moving for about 10 days! Also thank the Lord with us for leading us to fine Christian doctors who are interested in helping us any way they can, and who understand what it means to trust God in the midst of trials!

We will try to keep you posted as we move along. Thank you again for your prayers.

Ron and Chris

May 17 Update

Dear Prayer Supporters,

I have just returned from the surgeon┬┤s office and I am happy to report that everything is looking good so far with my eye. The retina has remained attached and the gas bubble is down to about 50%. The doctor wants me to continue to sleep face-down, but I can move about a little more in the day.

The doctor wants to see me again in two weeks, so we need to stay here in Greenville for at last two more weeks, and then we will see what the Dr. says about traveling.

I also have an appointment with the other surgeon, who removed the cataract and put in the lense implant., to remove a stitch that he put in. That will take place next week.

We continue to be thankful to the Lord for bringing us to these doctors and we are thankful to so many people here in Greenville who have been so good to us, meeting our every need!

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf.

Ron and Chris

Posted: 5/2/2013  Expires: 6/1/2013

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