May 2013 Update

Jane Schmitz  (1983)

Hello all,

Would appreciate your prayers as I leave in a few hours from Yaoundé, Cameroon for Syracuse, NY. My luggage is very loaded, but I am thankful I am coming back this way for the brief visit in August to deliver S.S.materials and can bring the rest of my things.

Trusting the Lord as He closes one door and would appreciate your prayers for direction the next place of ministry.

Thanks for your faithful prayers on my behalf.

Jane Schmitz

May 10 Update


I just wanted to keep you updated on things. I had good results on my CT lung scan when I saw the doctor yesterday. The doctor is still requesting that I come back in 6 months to follow it up once again. Thanks for praying about this with me. He was pleased with the results on my asthma related shortness of breath as well. The inhaler had worked.

Tomorrow I head to Montreal. I will be participating in the ABWE survey trip. Please see the attachment for more information. You will see that we are asking for people to pray for this trip each day. I will leave on Wednesday and not stay for the entire 9 days. I am excited about participating in this and seeing what God is doing in Montreal. Please join me in praying for me as I seek God's direction for my next place of ministry. Though I am considering some other ministry possibilities, I am also praying about the needs of Montreal.
Please also pray for me as I apply for a Ghana visa as soon as I return from Canada. The timing is a bit tight, but it should work out. I will be flying into Accra, Ghana and be picked up there for Togo on June 21, so need an entry visa.

Stay tuned for more,
Jane Schmitz

May 23 Update

Thanks for praying for the Montreal survey trip. It was great to be part of that team.

In brief,

Some observations and helpful information:

•Less than 1% evangelical Christians live in Montreal. Yaoundé, where I last worked has a higher number of believers than that.
•It is very multicultural. One Baptist church claims 38 different nationalities. I met people from Cameroon, Togo, Mali, Vietnam and saw many others from different people groups. We visited and Chinese church and heard that they have 10 different churches in the city. I heard about other churches that open their doors to Ukranians, Arab speaking people and Haitians. This is only what we heard about, so I imagine there are many other different language and people groups.
• A few student ministries on the well known university campuses, yet so much more needs to be done. Montreal has the largest percent of student population in N. America.
• Great needs for leadership. Many churches are in need of pastors.
•We heard from the many others working in Montreal, that the need for those that come to serve there, be gifted in evangelism, discipleship, youth ministries and counseling.
•One group is using missional communities to reach neighborhoods for Christ. This is a new trend in church planting and seems to be effective in the few years it has been tried in Montreal.
• Montreal is becoming more and more bilingual with French and English as dominant languages.
• It was a privilege to get to know the Taylors, a missionary couple with ABWE who believe they are called to serve in Montreal. They are Canadians, raising their support right now.
So the question is, does God want me in Montreal? I don’t have that answer yet, but I continue to do research and pray as I process all that I learned. What is sure is there are great spiritual voids in Montreal. If it isn’t me, then someone needs to go because they really need the Lord there and so few believers. With so many immigrating, we can now, “cross cultures without crossing borders”.

Allow me to share the following note from the ABWE administrator over N. America about one of the pastor's he met in Montreal:
"Pastor Fady's (a pastor of an Arabic church) question to our team was, "Why does the greatest missionary sending country in the world(USA) overlook the neediest and closest mission field (Canada)? I had no you? Incidentally, Pastor Fady reminded us once again that all of the peoples of the earth are here in North America. He shared that when he arrived in Canada 21 years ago there were only 2 mosques - now there are more than 50. And some 450,000 Arabs call Montreal "home", according to Pastor Fady. He continued by noting that, as Americans, we gladly send missionaries to those countries - but to reach those same people groups here in North America seems like a foreign concept to us. Pray for our ABWE/North America team that we can cast the vision for why we can and should be sending missionaries throughout the USA and Canada to help reach the people groups of the world that live here in our own backyards."

Please join me in praying for the needs of Montreal. ABWE is seeking 5 missionary units to come to this city of 3.8 million people.
I also recently compiled a pictorial ministry report on my 6 years in Cameroon for my financial supporters, so if you would like to receive that, please drop me a note and I will forward that to you.

In Christ,
Posted: 5/2/2013  Expires: 6/1/2013

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