April 2013 Update

Jake & Sandy Schrader  (1976)

Hello Everyone,

Our family from Kansas came out for a visit so off we went for a family get together . It all began in Jo-burg, South Africa. Jen. Mike, Christian (5 yrs old) and Olivia or Livy (just turning two) arrived Saturday, April 13th. (See ATACH.) On your left is our Kansas family. On the right of Sandy and I is our South African family. You will see Malia, Brezh, Max and Oliver. On Monday, April 15th was the beginning of our family reunion and we began traveling all over the place. We experienced a game reserve and family games. It's been a long time since i lost at Pit but I got to lose again, but what great fun! We traveled to the sea to see what we could see for a few days and then zoomed from the Indian Ocean back up to Jo-burg. Our two youngest grandchildren, Oliver and Olivia were both born two years ago in April. So they got to celebrate their birthdays together. Both are red heads with blue eyes often passing as twins but really cousins. At times it was a mad house, but it was our house and what a blessing!

We finally ended back up at Sandy and I's place just 15 kilometers from Hani Park squatter camp. And once again, the Lord reminded us that He still had everything under control. Just two examples. (1) The Sunday we were away with our kids, all of our people walked to Restore Church from 2 to 5 Kilometers. Some were even carrying their children on their backs through No Man's Land. What a great time of fellowship singing mostly traditional Sotho hymns. But OH NO, our guest speaker did not show up! But Sandy and I were then thrilled to hear what happened. One of our men (an avid student of our Men's Bible Study) came up to the front and brought quite a challenging as well as a Scriptural message from God's Word. ALL WERE BLESSED! (2) Our Friday night teens gathered together for our fellowship but with only one set back. I wasn't there i had come down with the flu. Was it a set back? My son in law, Mike Dickinson lead the teens. He and Jennifer both shared their personal testimonies and then challenged teens to share theirs. Mike said they met the challenge. The guys shared very heart warming testimonies, backed solidly by the Scripture. Mike told me, "Jake, i can't express how greatly this moved me. God is doing great things here at Restore." Yep, HE was in control every inch of the way. Even though this included not one BUT TWO FLAT TIRES Mike experienced traveling back to Jo-burg from our place.

PLEASE CHECK OUT ALL THE PICS. It has been said, One picture is worth a thousand words!" i hope you will agree as you see for yourself and pray as the Spirit leads AMEN? AMEN!
(1) Our 40 foot container is all packed and ready to go. We are just having difficulty getting the shipping organized with the different freighting agents. We want to get this container before winter. Lots of winter goods will definitely come in handy. We have received some glorious gifts to help get the goods under way.
(2) We are busy doing some repair work on the roof at Restore. Be praying above all else for safety and then for efficiency as winter looks to going to be a cold and wet one (at least for South Africa that is).

Well, tomorrow i will be "cowboying" down the squatter camp trails. But as for today, I'm just a lonely ole "Grandpa" with very moist eyes picking up riding toys around the back yard

Yes well HERE WE ARE AGAIN! Thanks for staying close and praying fervently. Where would we be without you!
Jake & Sandy

Posted: 4/24/2013  Expires: 5/24/2013

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