April 2013 Update

Maicol & Mandy Venter  (2008)

Dear Prayer Partners,

Here in South Brazil we are stirring meals together, washing feet (cute baby feet!), balancing accounts, planning futures, praying for souls, teaching basketball, and rekindling old friendships.

Each day we feel Stella a little heavier, nearly outgrowing yet another set of clothing.

Each week we have yet another conversation with the man that delivers the water, and one more chance to teach a young, unsaved man the simple truth of Jesus and the new life He offers.

One more Thursday night basketball outreach with 25 kids runn around tackling each other and totally distracted and another time saying "listen up! hold the ball!" and we wonder if it makes any difference at all.

Another Sunday service with yet another record high attendance.

Another chance to stand in awe of God and His work through us, through you, and through our friends and family. How awesome it is to rejoice with those who claim Jesus as their strength be it the first time, or yet another time. Everyone needs the gospel, because it's so much more than salvation for today. It is so much more than a concept, it's a relationship, with Him, with God. He is our hope, strength, motivation, ability, and desire for today. He is all we need. The only reason we need to keep doing what we're doing.

"Because this is the story of us, the story the Maker [is] making through us."

May your story change lives in your corner of the world.

Sharing God's story of our lives,
Maicol, Mandy, and Stella Venter

Posted: 4/23/2013  Expires: 5/23/2013

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