April 2013 Update

Ron & Chris Self  (1977)

Dear Faithful Prayer Supporters,

Thank you for your faithful prayers on our behalf during the past several weeks.

We have enjoyed several good weeks of ministry here in Buenos Aires. On Saturday night we took about 60 of our people to the "Grand-Opening" of a new church building in Lobos, a town about 2 hours from Don Torcuato. Our church has participated in the construction of that building with both financial gifts and a construction team. It was exciting to see the building completed and full, and the gospel preached to those who visited on Saturday night.

On Sunday we enjoyed good services, both in the morning and the evening. We are pleased that several visitors have been attending faithfully in the morning service, and that we had several visitors in our services last night. Please pray for us that we would be able to minister effectively to the people that God allows us to reach.

In Vicente Lopez church, we are taking steps to remove the main columns from the building. Please pray as this requires some logistical challenges. We have ordered several I-Beams, which are about 30 feet long and weigh about 1,000 pounds each. These were delivered last week on our narrow, very busy street, removed them from the truck (quickly) with a small crain, and then rolled them into the building. These beams will now be hoisted to the top of our new columns on the outer walls. We do not have the tools available that a major construction site would have available in the U.S. for all of these steps, so, please pray that this entire process would go well! Once the beams have been set in place, the main columns in the middle of the old house, will be removed. Please pray that any settling would be minimal. This process will allow us to use the entire first-floor area as our place of worship, with no columns in the middle. Please pray for Andrew as he is heading up this entire construction project.

This week a group of 11 of our men were able to purchase their tickets for a missions/construction trip to northern Brazil in June. God provided for this trip through a great offereing from our own church, a very generous gift from a sister church, and through the personal funds of each participant. In June we will travel to Joao Pessoa, Brazil to help in the construction of a church building and a camp. For our church, which has hosted so many construction teams that have helped us over the years, this is an exciting opportunity for us to minister to others in the same way. Please pray about this trip, which will take place on June 14-21.

I am sure than many of you have read about the severe flooding here in the Buenos Aires of a few weeks ago. We were personally unaffected by that, except for a few leaks in our roof. Our congregation was also spared from any significant damage. We did have to postpone the original inauguration date of the church building in Lobos. On the other hand, the city of La Plata, which is just to the south of Buenos Aires, suffered severe damage, including over 50 fatalities! We have a sister church there, that I am sure would appreciate your prayers. The church is called the "Lighthouse Baptist Church." It has been encouraging to see how the churches in Argentina have come to their aid. As I understand it, one of their members died, the pastors house was under 5 five of water, and both the church building and many members were affected. The churches here in Buenos Aires sent them several trucks full of relief supplied. Our church took an offering of about U$S 1,000.00 and sent it along with a pick-up truck full of supplies. San Miguel did something similar. Please pray for the church in La Plata that God would not only meet their needs, but also allow them to shine as a "Lighthouse" in this time of trial for that entire city.

Mark and Anahi continue to seek to raise their missionary support to return to Argentina. They are nearing the 60% milestone. The have recently been in Colorado and are presently in Iowa. Please pray that God would give them many opportunities to share their ministry with others, and also that God would lead many churches to support their ministry. We are all praying that they would be able to come to Argentina by the end of the year. MarkĀ“s ordination council is also scheduled for July. I am sure he would appreciate your prayers as he plans for that.

Thank you for your faithfulness before the throne of grace on our behalf. We count on your prayers for the work of God in Buenos Aires.

To God be the Glory,

Ron and Chris Self

April 29 Update

Dear Prayer Supporters,

We are pretty well packed up and ready to leave for my graduation from Bob Jones University with the Dr. of Pastoral Theology Degree. However, we just returned from the emergency room of the local eye-clinic, and my retina that was operated on last July has re-detached! It appears that I will need the same extensive surgery that I had the last time I hope to meet with my surgeon tomorrow. Please pray for wisdom as we move ahead and for a successful surgery. We also have to try to cancel flights, etc. which I am sure will be quite complicated.

Thank you for your prayers.

Ron and Chris Self.

April 29 Update

Dear Prayer Supporters,

My surgeon here in Argentina said that my detached retina surgery can wait a week, so we are going to travel to the U.S. to my graduation, and then I will probably have the operation done in the U.S., if we can make those arrangements. So, please pray for us as we travel, as we arrange for the surgery and also that we would be able to enjoy graduation.

Thank you for praying.

Ron and Chris

Posted: 4/23/2013  Expires: 5/23/2013

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