April 2013 Update

Paul & Elaine Kintner  (1965)

Dear Prayer Partners,

Since our last letter we have been moving around, and have been “moved around” by our Lord as He has been leading us in ways beyond our expectations. March 10th was a special day at “Christ Lives Baptist Church” in Winston-Salem, as we celebrated the “graduation” of our Hispanic church plant to autonomous status from Mission status. We “celebrated” the event as conclusion of this phase of our ministry, though many of the Hispanics folks are concerned about our departure, as we have become a very close-knit church family. Nevertheless, we expect to maintain fellowship and communion with them as much as possible while in our home in Winston-Salem.

Which brings us to new directions in our life: We immediately transitioned to work with Editorial Bautista Independiente (Spanish Publication Ministry of BMM) as Director of International Development. We were in Sebring, FL from March 12th until April 2nd, staying at Paul’s brother’s house in Maranatha Village while getting acquainted with EBI personnel and facilities. While there, we sensed the direction of the Lord to relocate there permanently. We have signed up to purchase a two-bedroom duplex. Maranatha Village is a retirement community where we eventually expect to retire, but for now is conveniently located near the offices of EBI in Sebring. We expect to move by June 30th, which means we need to sell our house in Winston-Salem. It went on the real-estate market April 22nd, and the market looks good for this area of Winston-Salem. We ask your prayers for the sale of our house.

We returned to Sebring, Fl April 12th to attend the annual meeting of the EBI Ministry Team April 15-19th. It was a special time of “brainstorming” as a ministry team, evaluating the ministry and projecting for future projects. Paul will return to Sebring again April 29th to spend the week getting acquainted with the computer system which contains all records of distributors, their history of purchases and needs, as well as individuals and groups that need to be contacted.

We anticipate participating in a few Hispanic Church conferences with literature tables to sell and establish customers during this summer and fall, as well as visit some of our supporting churches before moving South. Thereafter, Paul will probably be visiting distributors in Latin American countries as well as looking to establish other distributors.

A special need at this time is the purchase of a new laptop computer for EBI matters. Paul’s computer is five years old, with an older operating system, and experiencing occasional problems. We have ordered a computer costing $500, which he hopes to get operative with EBI on his trip April 29-May 3rd.

We invite you to read the additional page to this letter which tells about the ministry of EBI, and what our ministry will be. Thank you for your prayers and support.

In His service,



EBI exists to aid Hispanic churches in the fulfillment of the Great Commission through the creation, publication and distribution of biblical resources.


EBI began over 50 years ago with the publication of Adult Sunday School lessons in Puerto Rico. Soon came other small publications, tracts, and a Manual for directing Bible Studies. In the 1970’s a series of Theological Courses by Extension were produced for training of students with limited education, and lack of access to training Institutions. Since then, 35 quarters of Adult Sunday School material have been produced, 12 quarters (3 years) of Junior material, 12 quarters (3 years) of Primary materials, and 3 years of Beginner materials, translated and adapted from Regular Baptist Press materials. These materials are colorful, supplemented with teaching aids, student materials, and priced modestly for churches in Latin America and Spanish USA. EBI is scheduled to finish producing the N.T. commentaries (BE series) by Warren Wiersbe this year. Also, EBI has produced Ladies’ and Men’s Bible Studies and other valuable resources to assist Hispanic students and churches.

Several years ago, EBI offered a “Pastor’s Library” to pastors in Latin America recommended by BMM missionaries at no cost, other than shipping. This library costs EBI approximately $175, and has been financed by special donations given for that purpose. We have seen the impact of this library on pastors in our ministry in Peru and Ecuador, who otherwise would not be able to afford these resources which would cost them over $300 commercially.

EBI is also producing a “Theological Curriculum” designed to assist in teaching in Bible Institutes throughout Latin America. These courses at college level, being written by Theological Instructors within Baptist Mid-Missions, present an extensive Teacher’s Manual, Student Manual and Power Point CD to enable an instructor on the field to teach at a college level.

In addition to that, EBI is also sponsoring, along with Baptist Mid-Missions and Piedmont International University, a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies program via internet from Piedmont International University. Currently there are 16 students who are around 75% through the program who will receive this advanced degree in 2015. The objective is to prepare Hispanic nationals to teach in Seminaries in their own countries at advanced levels.

EBI is constantly working on much needed materials, such as Sunday School material for pre-schoolers, DVBS, etc. They also distribute through their offices Bibles and several other approved resources by other Editorials.

General Responsibility: Develop and maintain relationships with Hispanic markets and donors

1. Seek, develop, and supervise foreign and domestic distributors for EBI material.
2. Monitor customs regulations which affect our areas of distribution.
3. Research inexpensive shipping options to Spanish Speaking countries.
4. Travel to Spanish speaking countries to represent EBI and to participate in conferences and training sessions.
5. Schedule EBI presentations in Spanish-speaking churches in the States.
6. Report to the General Director on activities within area of responsibility.
7. Prepare a budget ….
8. Help out at the EBI office when in Sebring, FL.
9. Attend scheduled staff meetings as required.


Posted: 4/23/2013  Expires: 5/23/2013

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