April 2013 Update

Benjamin Ward  (2008)

Dear Prayer Partners,

Well, if you have been reading my newsletters you might remember my story about “La, La, Lalamila, lalalalalalalala Lalamila,” haha. Just a fun song that we sing when we make the several hour journey up north to the town of Lalamila in Togo. This journey was much like other trips except that we were under a little more pressure as I had to be back in Ghana for Master Planning. Some of my teammates thought I was crazy as made the 15 hour journey
in just a few days. Praise the Lord for safety on the road! The trip was also different in that we had the awesome privilege to baptize 17 people! My papa (Pastor Boniface) said that this was the most people he has baptized at one time which made it a highlight for him in his ministry. The water hole where we baptized people was a
couple kilometers away from town and so we drove everyone there. Who knew that you could fit 30 people in and on a land cruiser!?!?!?! Unfortunately we got rained out of the second town that we wanted to show evangelistic films in, but pastor got the opportunity to talk to the village chief about life in Jesus Christ. Please pray that this chief trusts in Christ. Their village does not have a single church that I know of and the people are hungry for the gospel, which is a praise! Thank you for your prayers!

In my last email I talked about our pastors retreat. It went so well and it was amazing to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as we did. Last week we moved forward with master planning and we gathered a select group of visionary Ghanaians together to discuss the future of the ministry and to see how we can move forward effectively. These meetings also went very well and God blessed as we were
able to decide on just a few objective areas where we can focus all of our attention. These areas include training our Ghanaian leaders, starting a teacher training college, having a regional youth/kids program, economic development, and team building. I am super excited as I am the one trying to develop our Regional Youth/Children’s Ministry, and Lord willing this is going to be something that will span several countries in West Africa and include Ghana, Togo, Benin, and possibly Burkina Faso and others! There is a lot of work to go into this and it probably won’t reach the continent-wide stage for several years, but it all starts small! Please continue to pray with us about all of these things and that the Lord would provide! Thank you!

Born to be a slave of Jesus Christ,
Benjamin Ward
Posted: 4/12/2013  Expires: 5/12/2013

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