April 2013 Update

Chris & Donna Sadowitz  (1985)

Dear Prayer Warriors.
Winter's cold is slowly releasing its grip on New York so the wife and her old man decided to go south-of-the-border and knock back a couple beers at the races last weekend. How does that opening sentence sound to us? Do we jump to any conclusions about this wild couple we pray for and support in the land of Japan? Well, if any are weak of faith let us put your unfounded fears to rest as we were guest speakers at Forest Lake Baptist Church's Awana Grand Prix where we did enjoy some delicious BIRCH BEER, chili dogs, finger lickin' good chips and cheese as well as doughy pretzels. The reason I started the letter like this is to alert us to the need once again of grace. It is grace that is needed if we are to truly love and accept people of the world without judging outward appearance

Secondly, grace is needed not only to save us, but to sustain us as well. Notice 1 Corinthians 15:1-2 with me, "Now I would remind you, brothers, of the gospel (of grace) I preached to you, which you received" (past tense) "in which you now stand" (perfect tense) {Which tells us the Corinthian disciples stood in the Gospel in the past and continued to stand in the Gospel} "and by which you are being saved" (present tense) [The gospel (of grace) is good news for our past, it continues to be good news for the present, and will remain that way for all eternity] Gospel Centered Discipleship
pg. 11].

When we realize that God's grace in the Gospel is what saves us and what keeps us and to which we are commanded to grow in, then we are one step closer to stop trusting in our own efforts and pride to do something that only God can do. Only He can make us holy even as He commands us to be holy. When we truly embrace this then we stop judging the people of the world and their choice of music, their taste in beverages, their style of clothing and a host of other externals. Grace allows us the "heart sight" of Jesus which shows us that we are no different than 'them' and also gives us the ability to see with love and compassion - beyond the externals - to the heart.

The Gospel of grace allows us the freedom to admit our shortcomings and use our failures as tools to disciple the person to our right and to our left. No longer fearing judgment we use sins confessed and overcome as opportunities to help fellow pilgrims. But always teaching or sharing from a position of victory sets up our fellow believers for failure as they learn to hide their weaknesses and exalt their victories. Confessing our faults one to another, praying for one another and living by grace is a lifestyle that may not be in fad today, but is still biblical. Let us thank God for His resurrection power which animated Paul's Gospel of grace.

Please pray for us as we enter our 21st year of ministry here in Japan.

Prayer and Praise

1. Praise God for a glorious Easter season and for Donnas' 50th birthday.
2. Praise God for power and wisdom in speaking in many places in March.
3. Praise God that Rota is back in the USA finishing high school and applying for Bible College.
4. Please pray for Rota's parents to become saved. Recently hardships seem to have moved them a step closer to spiritual things.
5. Please pray for wisdom as I prepare to teach a course this fall.
6. Please pray for our continued outfit and passage needs.

Thanks for partnering with us,
Chris & Donna

Posted: 4/11/2013  Expires: 5/11/2013

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