April 2013 Update

Steve & Mary Jo Mills  (1976)

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Well as promised, we said we would send out a letter informing all of you what is happening in our neck of the woods.

We were on our way to a conference recently and we received a phone call from Mayo. They said that they had too many people who needed to be seen and so they were going to put Steve on a wait list. This means that Mayo Clinic will call us when they have an opening. So this could potentially change our plans for a departure in August. However, again as soon as we know something we’ll pass it on. We immediately contacted our medical director who sent off a fax to them so we will see if this changes anything. Please be in prayer about this! it would be great if they were to call and say we have a date for us. This is one of those “waiting places” that God has for us to remind us that He loves us and cares for us and we need to just trust Him in His sovereignty for our lives and the next step in it.

Yet, Steve noted a problem while in a conference the week before that. Namely, the difficulty in forgetting where he was at in his notes. So, he asked the pastor, “If it would be a problem to read his message?” The Pastor replied that it wasn’t a problem, so that is what he did. We talked about this later and he is so much like his father that he has difficulty accepting this (reading his message). So, we have been thankful that most of the churches have understood the situation and have had us do a presentation of our work only. Then while loading up our van Steve and Mary Jo both fell off our back porch, at separate times of course fortunately for them they fell on snow and bushes! This was both a matter of the balance issue but also that the step unit is just too narrow for the back door. Steve mentioned the falling to our doctor and so he was put him on 2 types of Wobble boards to practice and help him is this issue of balance and how to help himself. Time will tell how much this helps. Again, this can be a real matter of prayer!

We have learned that Grand Kids can be a challenge as well. Our grandson’s birthday is in July but his brother will be born around the same time (yes you read that correctly-brother that is). Kellie graduates from her nurses training in June and we have our annual Missionary Enrichment conference the end of July. Kellie was REALLY wanting a little girl but she is learning to be content with what God has given them after loosing a pregnancy last year. That makes you remember to be content with the blessings He gives us. So, we anticipate doing a lot of traveling during these two months. To Mayo, to PA, to VA and then hopefully to Togo! Thank you for praying for our safety during this time and a safe delivery for them.

If you know of someone looking to rent a house in West Michigan, please have them contact us immediately (616 613-6562) lots of “6s”!. Since our plans are so much in the air at this time, we need to have things ready in the event we are released.

Thank you, for praying for our kids. We recently spoke to David via Skype and aside from the colds he is doing fine. We know he would appreciate your prayer as he had a camera stolen! His salary is tighter than a missionary’s salary so, a theft like this can really be frustrating and set one him back in getting his work done. He would like to finish his doctoral work in this next year or two. He has much work to do but is determined to get it done as soon as he can. We also know that our daughter-Kellie Jo would appreciate your prayers as she take her Licensing Board exam in May. As mentioned, she anticipates graduating the first part of June! Oh to be young again and live that kind of a life style!!

One of the last prayer requests is for a friend of ours, his name is Bill and he was recently diagnosed with Abdominal Cancer. He recently underwent some major surgery to remove most if not all of the cancer but time will tell if it has been completely removed or not.

Also be praying for a Bible study that we have tried to do. Each time we have attempted a study there is a reason why it can’t be held. Everyone is always so busy with school children and work schedules that it is hard to get a date set for this.

One last prayer request is for our head deacon at our home church-Gordy Bathrick. His health is not good and there are many praying for him. Pray that God would continue to be very precious to he and his dear wife and family in this season of prayer for Gordy and for that peace that passes all understanding in their hearts and lives. These are very precious people in our sight and God’s, to be sure.

Thank you for your faithfulness over the years in praying and supporting our ministry in Togo. We hope to be reporting from Togo soon!

In His Service
Steve & Mary Jo Mills

Posted: 4/11/2013  Expires: 5/11/2013

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