March 2013 Update

Jane Schmitz  (1983)

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thanks so much for your prayers. Leaving Cameroon isn’t easy for me, but I am now in the acceptance stage of dealing with the loss of a dream. I continue to focus on finishing well along with making plans to leave here. Thanks for praying.


-My car is being sold. We have agreed on the price and now I am waiting for the funds to be sent to my mission account. I will continue to use the car until close to my departure. I am happy to say that the car will stay in ministry with another missionary couple involved in helping orphans and widows in the English speaking part of Cameroon.
-Many of my other big items are selling, too. Since I need them until departure, they are at least spoken for.
-I am so encouraged by all the wonderful ministry to women the Lord has given me. At last count, I am ministering to 78 different women anywhere from 2 times / week to 2 times a month. So many are hungry to learn and I am enjoying the preparation and teaching. In a few instances, women have commented, that if I weren’t leaving, the opportunities wouldn’t have happened. The Lord has reminded me that He gives “beauty for ashes”.
-Many opportunities to talk about salvation with people I meet here and there. Planting seeds and praying God will do something with them.
-Water and electric have been more regular than I ever remember. We have had cut offs, but nothing too extreme. I am convinced someone out there is praying about it.
-Feeling better after a cough that has lingered for close to 2 months.
-A news flash, just in my inbox: a couple, that I met on furlough, recently applied to ABWE and have been accepted to work with First Nations of the USA. I don’t consider myself a recruiter, but am grateful God used me in their lives a little bit.

Prayer Request:

-Yves, who made a profession of faith, did come to church 2 times, but he hasn’t been back. I am hoping the national brothers will continue to reach out to him.
-Jeanine’s Dad, the chief, needs your prayers. His wife recently left him for good, we think. This will be a difficult trial for his faith. She never seemed interested in the true gospel.
-So many people with physical and financial needs around me. Pray for wisdom to know when to help and what to do.
-God’s leading in my life after Cameroon. Some temporary ministries are coming together. I will share more in a future letter.

Thanks for bringing me before the throne of grace.
Jane Schmitz

3/31 Update
Dear Prayer Partners,

This is one of my last prayer letters from Yaoundé. All my ministries are going well and some will soon be ending. I am so encouraged by some of the results of teaching women how to study the Bible and how to teach. Many Cameroonian women are very smart and understood the steps of inductive Bible study. Not only did they do the homework well, but they are also excited about studying the Bible on their own. Even their applications of the passage were great. Before leaving, I also have a new opportunity with another church to do a teacher training seminar on April 20. Praising God for all these opportunities to train.

I wanted to be sure and let you know that my address needs to be changed once again. I will be using 28 Bohling Rd, New Hartford, NY 13413 for now as my address. With all these transitions, I am reminded that this world is not my home and we are just passing through.

Here is my schedule in the next few months. I am encouraged as the Lord as put all this together for me:

May 2-3: Departure from Yaoundé to my Dad’s
May 6-9: Required Health test
May 11-16?: Survey trip to Montreal, Canada with other ABWE people.
Move stored items to home church area sometime here.
June 20: Departure for Togo via Ghana
I will be replacing my sister Joan so she can have a good long and much needed break. I will also be looking at possible ministries in Togo.
?August 22: Departure for Yaoundé, Cameroon from Togo. I will be delivering some much needed teaching materials for 10 churches in Yaoundé to use with their children. I will also hold a seminar on teaching tips and how to use them on August 31. The are Bible visual materials translated into French and printed at ABWE’s printing press in Togo. Because of that, the price is very reasonable.
September 5-6: Return to the USA from Yaoundé.

I STILL DO NOT KNOW WHAT GOD AS FOR ME AFTER THAT. Please be praying for me as I look at some different possibilities for service. Continue to lift me up as I leave Cameroon as well. This isn’t easy for me. As I know more I will keep you informed, because your prayers matter.

I am attaching some stories that I want to share with you, but I do know that many of you are busy and may not have the time to read, so feel free to open them if you would like and hear more of what God is doing here. I am calling them Stories from the Frontlines. I wonder where my next Frontline ministry will be….

Serving Him,
Jane Schmitz

Posted: 3/28/2013  Expires: 4/27/2013

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