March 2013 Update

Lloyd & Martha Larkin  (1968)

Greetings from Mormon Country!

Thank you once again for your encouraging, sustaining and essential support in love, prayers and finances. Truly, our God has given us a choice band of loyal partners.

Since our last communication, two of our Mission church couples have had the great joy of welcoming new little ones into their families. We rejoice with them!

We also rejoice that we continue to see a remarkable number of first time visitors. Please pray with us that more of them would become second, third, and fourth time regulars! Among our new friends are Jeff, Jaclyn, and their young children. These people are attending as the result of faithful witnessing on the part of one of our relatively new believers, and they need the Lord. We would ask you to pray specifically that we can soon establish an evangelistic home Bible study with them.

It is our privilege to enjoy an international presence in our group. Currently, Asia is particularly well represented. Two of these, a college age brother and sister who are members, and one unsaved visitor are trying to work through all the proper channels to resolve some sticky residency issues and would appreciate your prayers. Another legal matter to pray about involves the welfare of an infant whose godly grandparents are seeking custody. The birth mother’s life has been decimated by addictions.

Would you also please pray concerning the retirement of our church building loan? The Lord miraculously enabled us to dedicate a lovely facility in 2002. Since then He has wonderfully supplied funds toward pay off, mostly from local sources as it should be. This is a major hurdle on the path to self support. We anticipate another key component in achieving self support will be the arrival of BMM appointees Paul and Laura Fulks (and daughter Reagan), strengthening our ministry. The Lord willing, they could see the completion of their support in the next few months.

We always welcome your invitations to schedule reports and other meetings since we are not on a traditional furlough rotation. More personally, please keep praying for Marty’s health. The pain is chronic. Her winter has also been marked by repeated bouts with respiratory problems. But we take courage in Lord’s abundant grace and the assurance that you are standing with us!

In Christ,
The Larkins
Posted: 3/28/2013  Expires: 4/27/2013

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