March 2013 Update

Richard & Julia Rudolph  (2007)

Dear Prayer Partners,

25 days and counting! We are coming to the end of a week long missions conference here in Charlotte, NC. It has been a packed week of attending and/or sharing our ministry in meetings, Bible Studies, and dinners with people of this church where much love and positive feedback have been poured onto/into us in many ways. It's been busy but encouraging and we are blessed to have them supporting us. 2 weeks prior to this missions conference we were at my home church; Heritage Baptist Church in Clarks Summit, PA, which was an unbelievable blessing and time!

Julia has been encouraged by the bible Study at our church the last 6 weeks; groups of women studying 2 Timothy. The encouragement from Paul to Timothy has spurred us women on to live out the Word as disciples seeking out others to encourage as disciples of Christ. As Paul encouraged him, we also hope to keep the faith, not forgetting what we've learned from our youth from the Scriptures, able to make us wise for salvation. To live out of the power, love and self-control that our God has given us, not out of fear, as we often do.

We will be wrapping up our time in the States these next few weeks with more “good-byes”. Julia to her family one last time, also as her sister gives birth to her third child and first baby girl. Rich will be attending a conference in Raleigh that will, Lord willing, be a great springboard for him as we finally head to Germany!

Our first Sunday in Germany will be Easter Sunday and we are praying that the Lord will allow 20-30 people to visit our church in St. Wendel. Our Pastor, Michael, is already laying the ground work for our church plant in St. Wendel and Easter is an amazing opportunity to begin our ministry and see many visitors come and hear the Gospel.

In Christ,
Richard and Julia

3/31 Update - Arrival & Easter!

We have finally arrived here in Germany and cannot thank you enough for your prayers and support up to this point in our ministry. We had an amazing layover and flight here and the only hang up was changing Justus a couple times from messy shirts. We arrived on Thursday and in Germany, during the Easter weekend, everything is closed. So we have had a great time seeing friends and catching up with one another as we got ready for Sunday’s service.
It was so special to celebrate Easter as our first Sunday in Germany, it is because of the resurrection that we are here (pictured left). Julia and I have a great opportunity to work alongside a great church planter, Michael Landoll, and a variety of interns who we are thankful for and excited to serve alongside. We got to experience it first hand as our whole church service in St. Wendel was led by these young interns. Michael was in Kusel preaching, so it was up to them. One led music, one led the service, and the other preached…it was awesome! We prayed for 30 people to be at our service and the Lord provided 31! We had the opportunity to meet first time visitors and try and connect with them for future relationships. We love being a part of the church planting ministry here.
The next couple of weeks are going to be filled with a lot of paper work (Germans love paper work), finding a car, painting, and settling into our new place. During that time we will also make an effort to get acquainted with our new city and try to connect with new people. After all of the dust settles we will transition into our regular life here in Germany of language study and ministry. Pray the Lord will provide the right baby sitter for Justus while we are in language school. We can’t thank you enough for your prayers they are vital to the ministry here! Every time we have a request, we pray together, God answers it above and beyond what we can think or ask.

Here is an article about our ministry in Germany, please read!

Prayers Answered:
- We had 31 people at our first service in St. Wendel, we prayed for 30!
- We had a great layover/flight to Germany with Justus

Prayer Request:
- That we would be settled in our place by the end of April.
- That we would connect with people in St. Wendel (who we are planting with and new people in the city)
- That we would continue to learn German.
- That we would continue to grow in our relationship with Christ.
Posted: 3/28/2013  Expires: 4/27/2013

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