March 2013 Update

Paul & Elaine Kintner  (1965)

How grateful we are for the Lord’s directing our paths over the years. His paths have taken us to Jamaica for missionary apprenticeship, Mexico for Language School, Peru for 23 years of ministry, Ecuador for 13 years and now our 10th year in North Carolina. And He continues to direct our paths in ways that never cease to amaze us. We wait on Him daily to see where He will lead us today!

This past month has been very busy for us as we moved out of the bookstore. We were unable to sell much of the furniture, so now the church is very well equipped with bookshelves, counters and equipment in the church office and throughout the classrooms and fellowship hall. A Christian bookseller in north Winston-Salem has agreed to purchase at reduced price the book inventory, and is willing to take on the distribution of our Spanish Sunday School literature. This is an answer to prayer as many churches have become accustomed to using our EBI materials.

Paul has spent many hours preparing the house next door (belongs to the church) for re-inspection by the Housing Authority, mentioned in our last letter. New carpet has been installed throughout the house, plumbing brought up to code, most of the windows have been repaired, and the house has passed inspection. The rent from this house is paying the mortgage for the purchase. We were able to transfer $3,000 from the bookstore liquidation to meet most of that expense.

Attendance at the church has increased lately, and last month four ladies trusted Christ as Savior. There is now a “new believers” class each Sunday, and some have already mentioned desire for baptism. Sunday, March 10th the church celebrates its 8th Anniversary, along with a special “Graduation Service” in which Baptist Mid-Missions officially recognizes the independence of the church. Several of the Mission Administrators will be present for the occasion.

Thereafter, our next PATH in which the Lord is directing us, is ministering with Editorial Bautista Independiente, the Spanish Literature ministry of BMM as International Representative. Our headquarters for this ministry will be Sebring, Fl, though we do not anticipate moving there soon. However, we plan to make a three week visit to Sebring, where we also plan to get acquainted with our future ministry and co-workers. We will give more detail of this new ministry in our next letter.

Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated, as you journey with us in the PATHS where He takes us!

Posted: 3/6/2013  Expires: 4/5/2013

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