March 2013 Update

Larry & Sallie Fogle  (2001)

Dear friends,


Written by Sallie from Chad on Tuesday, February 11:

We are in the second week of our time here in Chad. We started the trip with storms in Atlanta threatening to close the airport. This caused Delta to put us on an earlier flight for arrival in Atlanta so we would not miss our connecting flight. The flight from Atlanta (where we met up with Vernon Rosenau) to Paris had many empty seats due to other delayed flights. We felt bad for passengers that missed their flight and would be making other arrangements but not bad enough to not take advantage of the empty seats to spread out and be more comfortable if that is possible in tight airplane seats. In Paris we took advantage of a hotel close to the airport for five hours of real sleep, and then lunched in the Delta sky lounge while waiting for our flight to Chad. As we finally approached Chad we were told that they could not land in Ndjamena because of heavy dust. Instead we went to Douala for the night, finally getting rooms in a hotel about 2 am. The next morning we were off for Chad but missed the window of opportunity for our MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship) flight on to Sarh that day. Because of previous bookings and mandatory upkeep and inspections they were not able to reschedule our flight. Instead God allowed us to take advantage of two other missionary vehicles heading in the direction we needed to go. It did mean more than thirteen hours on the road for us but our missionary hosts only had to come part way to get us. We arrived in Sarh Saturday evening, tired but glad to be there.

The trip brought back many memories of our time here in 2008 with Pastor Crawford. It has not been nearly as hot as it was that April, but the heat has been increasing as the time goes by. We are staying in the home of Joshua and Barb Hedges but they are on furlough so there is a minimum of supplies left available for guests in their absence. The home does not have normal electricity, just a solar/12-volt system that gives a minimum amount of power to run a few lights and a ceiling fan but not for any consistent length of time. There are also problems with the water supply to the house, so we bucket flush and splash bathe here or shower at the other house. Josh will have to sort the problems out when he returns from furlough.

Our hosts are Susan Hossack, Joy Hart and Anna Wivell. They supply wonderful meals, transportation when needed, assistance with the French language and cultural wisdom.

Larry has been teaching “Church Administration” in the Bible school each morning. There are fourteen students: five senior men taking the course for credit, their five wives auditing, and four professors/administrators also auditing. In the afternoons he grades quizzes and prepares for the next day's classes. He preached in the large Sarh French church Sunday. We have been blessed by the fellowship and hospitality of the Chadian believers in inviting us for several meals during our time here. They are eager for more courses to be taught in the Bible school in the future, as well as conferences with the pastors.

Hantz Bernard and Josh Hedges from Bibles International arrived here several days after us. Anna Wivell has worked with them in conducting several language translation workshops during these same two weeks. The days have been busy and much has been accomplished.

Friday afternoon we are to take an MAF flight to Ndjamena for our return flight Sunday evening. We are praying that there will be no complications this time which would mean another long day on the road.

We have appreciated your prayers during this trip. They were necessary and we are confident that all has gone well because you had a part in it also.

The rest of the story written by Sallie from the US on Monday, February 25:

We were able to fly by MAF to return to Ndjamena. What a blessing. However, as we were ready to land our pilot found that the airport was closing because of “Red Carpet” treatment for dignitaries from other African countries arriving for a weekend summit conference. This caused a delay in our plane being able to taxi to the terminal. It was also causing major road blockages throughout the city. We had to walk quite a ways from the airport pulling our luggage before we were able to get a taxi to take us to the guesthouse where we were staying. The rest of the weekend and return to the states was blessedly uneventful!


Well, after about a month we are finally back home in Virginia. From Chad we flew back into Florida, where we spent several days resting and getting caught up with emails, as well as participating in a missions conference at a supporting church. It is good to be back home in our own surroundings once again.

Thank you for your prayers and your gifts. You are a blessing to us!

Larry and Sallie

Larry L. Fogle, D.Min.
Special Assignment
PEP Pastoral Enrichment Program
Baptist Mid-Missions

Home: 2261 Mattaponi Dr NW, Roanoke VA 24017
Phone (540) 491-9478 Cell (540) 339-2109 Email
Church: Shenandoah Bapt Ch, 6520 Williamson Rd NW, Roanoke VA 24019
Phone (540) 366-2431 Pastor: Rev Robert Mullen
Mission: Baptist Mid-Missions, PO Box 308011, Cleveland OH 44130-8011
Phone (440) 826-3930 President: Dr Gary Anderson

3/31 Update
Dear friends,

“He is risen.”
“He is risen indeed!”
We attended the Good Friday service at Grace Baptist Church of Roanoke VA, and the Resurrection Sunday services at Barnhardt Baptist Church of Goodview VA. We trust that, like us, you have enjoyed a meaningful remembrance of Jesus’ death and a victorious celebration of His resurrection over the past weekend!

We do not intend to use our PEP TALK every month to focus your attention on our support need, but we need to inform you about what is happening so you can pray. We have gained some support over the last six years since we started the PEP ministry, but with support losses along the way (mostly due to financial struggles being faced by our supporters) we find ourselves with only 67.5% of the committed support we need to do what God has called us to do. That means we are $2,626 short of the amount Baptist Mid-Missions has counseled us to raise for our support. That would cover all our expenses, including the cost of all our overseas travels.

We’re not complaining; God has surely demonstrated His ability to provide for our needs! We have completed forty overseas PEP ministry trips – every one has been funded through God’s provision, mostly through special gifts. But we confess to being concerned about the long-term financial stability of our ministry. We ask you to pray with us for an increased support base.

We have decided to use these months – March through October – to concentrate on speaking in American churches to present our ministry for the purpose of seeking additional financial support. This will also give me the opportunity to recover some of my energy. In November we will again pick up our normal overseas ministry schedule (but we will be more careful about how many trips we schedule each year). We are negotiating trips now for November and December 2013, and already have trips scheduled for February and March of 2014.

1. Praise the Lord for His blessing on the PEP ministry over the last six years (forty overseas ministry trips).
2. Praise the Lord for the churches and individuals on our support team.
3. Praise the Lord for not one but two couples on the horizon as full-time partners with us! The first couple is leaving an American pastorate to join Baptist Mid-Missions; they are completing their application now, and in July expect to meet the General Council for their doctrinal exam and attend Candidate Seminar.

1. Pray that we will be able to schedule meetings through October in the churches where God wants us to present our ministry.
2. Pray for God’s provision of additional financial support according to God’s will.
3. Pray for a successful application process as God wills for this first couple intending to partner with us in the PEP ministry.

Mar 3 Maranatha Bapt Ch, Winston-Salem NC
Mar 7-8 BMM General Council, hosted by Grace Bapt Temple, Winston-Salem NC
Mar 17 Jamestown Bapt Ch, Hudsonville MI
Apr 14 am Faith Bapt Ch, Fincastle VA
Apr 30 Attend Pastors’ Mtg and Open House, Calvary Bapt Ch, Portsmouth OH
(on occasion of church relocation)
May 13-17 R&R with family in MI
May 20 Attend Pastors’ Conf at First Bapt Ch, Rockford IL
May 25 – Jun 1 R&R with family in VA
Jun 16 Washington Bapt Ch, Dillsboro IN
Jul 15-18 BMM Ann Conf, hosted by First Bapt Ch, Elyria OH
Jul 19 BMM General Council, hosted by First Bapt Ch, Elyria OH
Jul 28 Grace Bapt Temple, Winston-Salem NC
Sep 6-8 Missions Conf, Fellowship Bapt Ch, Springfield VA
Sep 22 Missions Sunday, Grace Bapt Ch, Minford OH
Oct 4-6 Missions Conf, Grace Bapt Ch, Roanoke VA
Please contact us if you would like to schedule us in your church during these months. Or even for later – I have recently scheduled meetings for 2014 and even for 2015.

Thanks again for your love, your prayers and your support. We appreciate you!

Larry and Sallie

Larry L. Fogle, D.Min.
Special Assignment
PEP Pastoral Enrichment Program
Baptist Mid-Missions

Posted: 3/6/2013  Expires: 4/5/2013

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