March 2013 Update

Jake & Sandy Schrader  (1976)

Dear Praying Friends,
Just a "quicky.'
(1) I am down to one "bump" on the back of my head and yes, I am out and about. I do my best to let nature take it's course. I tried to pick one off and was in much discomfort the rest of the day. Shingles can be quite a challenge. Patience, patience.
(2) Clarence is still accumulating parts for our car engine. He came close to hiring one of our guys, Jacob. Clarence liked him but also has to consider his pay roll budget By the way, Mokete is now employed with Bevins Hardware, and Jeff is still employed with Constantia Electrical and Daniel is turning out to be a great security & upkeep man for our Restore Property. This was an urgent prayer request for Restore and our God has risen to the occasion. AMEN? AMEN! Please pray for more job opportunities for a better future and a hope for your unemployed brothers and sisters at Hani Park.
(3) We so need to get our security gate rebuilt. The one we have now is so heavy it takes two men to move it so our vehicles can enter our property. We estimate the cost at $200.00. HE IS ABLE.
(4) Mark 6: 34 tells us, HE SAW A LARGE CROWD AND FELT COMPASSION FOR THEM BECAUSE THEY WERE LIKE SHEEP WITHOUT A SHEPHERD." And might I add 'hungry sheep. HUNGER continues to plague millions in South Africa. Hani Park squatter camp is no exception. Virginia Mkafu has been providing food and shelter way before we ever met her back in 2006. We have been working with her since about August 2006. The government feeding program stopped providing help. Virginia kept feeding. A Christian school stopped providing food. Virgina kept feeding. Just recently a feeding scheme stopped feeding on the other side of Hani Park. These children have not stopped eating and have been showing up at Virginia's door desperately hungry. RESTORE MINISTRIES NEEDS YOUR HELP. We need to raise about two hundred dollars a month to meet these needs. Our baakie will deliver the extra food. Virginia will cook the extra food. The extra children will eat the food. Only one link is missing in this vital chain, YOU. Can you help us?
Thanks for remaining hungry to be a part of our outreach.
In His love & service,
Jake & Sandy

March 11 Update

Dear Praying Friends,

Since about Thursday our MAIL GOOGLE has been off line. But here we are again! My "bumps" have all but disappeared, just a little swelling at the base of my head. I could be my brain (Sandy thinks so). Still a little whoozy at times, but I am ALMOST 100%. I don't know about you but i find myself saying that more and more! I continue to question myself ARE YOU HUNGRY? I am often HUNGRY for all those little treats down here but what about those wonderful treats from "up there?"

ARE YOU HUNGRY? Sandy found herself questioning a man in the Pick & Pay parking lot. He suddenly jumped out of no where and grabbed the front end of her grocery trolley. He pulled it from her grasp. Sandy took hold of the handle and pulled it back. He snarled and pulled the trolly back toward himself. while all this was going on another man reached in to the cab of our baakie snatched her purse and then both of them vanished in the crowd. Happily Sandy was not hurt, just a little shook up. The most damage that was done was she had to notify the credit card companies and go through the process of getting another South African ID. THANKS for you continued prayers for our safety.

ARE YOU HUNGRY? You don't have to ask the children that continue to flock to Virginia's place in the morning for bread, peanut butter and milk to take for their junches and once again more are showing up for a hot meal in the evening. Yes, with the "faith of a little child" they show up beaming from ear to ear. THANK YOU Christian sister for your contribution that is making extra food available for these happy little urchins.

ARE YOU HUNGRY? Four men showed up at our gate at Restore asking our young security man if they could have a job. Daniel went back into his flat and phoned me. His voice was a bit shakey as he said they looked pretty touch and looked more HUNGRY for equipment on our property than a bite of food. Daniel and I prayed together and then decided what to do. He walked directly back out to our rickety wooden fence (staring them directly in the eye. Firmly stating "The Pastor said there is no work available, but come back tomorrow for church and he would be glad to talk to them. GOD used Daniel's firm command of the situation. He said the four looked at each other, then slowly turned and walked away. PRAISE THE LORD a contribution is coming from Fort Wayne to put up better and more secure gate for the property. Young Daniel thanks you so very very much.

ARE YOU HUNGRY? We are HUNGRY to hop into our little grrn car and get it back to work. Clarence is working hard at it and we should have it back this week. Plus our Lord has opened two doors with mechanics who seem to be HUNGRAY

In Christ,
The Schraders

March 21 Update

Dear Prayer Partners,

1) No more bumps, but headaches still trouble me in the evening. Lesson: Shingles should remain on houses, not on heads.

(2) Clarence got our engine mounted in our vehicle. Only one "minor" problem. It won't start. Lesson: Keep praying that Clarence will keep under the car.

(3) Our children are not just eating once a day, but three times a day. Lesson: Never under estimate the faith of a child.

(4) I (JAKE) have a troubling tooth. Lesson: Sometimes you have to get to the "root" of the problem. PRAY the root canal I under went yesterday will be a success.

(5) The gate for our property has been funded. The trouble is our generator that needed to power the electric tools is "Kapoot!" We have $200.00 toward a new one but we will probably need about $500.00 dollars more. Lesson: Our Lord has always been the GENERATOR of needed provisions like this one. Phil. 4:19. "He is able!"

(6) Finally, I think there is one lesson we all need to stay in tune to: "SO THEN DO NOT BE FOOLISH BUT UNDERSTAND WHAT THE WILL OF THE LORD IS." Amen? Amen.

Staying sensitive to His lessons,
Jake & Sandy

March 28 Update

Dear Praying Friends,

2 Tim. 2:4 says, "NO GOOD SOLDIER IN ACTIVE SERVICE ENTANGLES HIMSELF IN THE AFFAIRS OF EVERY DAY LIFE, SO THAT HE MAY PLEASE THE ONE WHO ENLISTED HIM AS A SOLDIER." Wednesday night I managed to catch a repeat of the Buckeyes vs. Iowa State (due to the many American ex patriots in South Africa). WOW! was that a "nail biting" "Krafty" ending, if you know what I mean. GO BUCKEYES! I then shut off the "telly" to get back to a very good book I had been reading, Fearless by Max Lucado. Suddenly, my eye caught a movement under the dining room table. There had been a blustering rain blow in and I thought it was an extension cord. No wrong color. Could it be our re-charger for our cellphone? No, too fat. Then it slithered side ways and it came to my attention this was one of those worthy DISTRACTIONS. I zipped out into the kitchen to get our trusty carving knife. Strangely enough, the snake seemed to freeze in one place...I knelled down under the table and said "Are you a good snake, or a bad one?" The snake didn't answer, so I whacked it with the carving knife, Suddenly as Sherlock Holmes would say "The game was a foot!" And that's when he began to twist and turn. I had read in my trusty boy scout manual (a along time ago). A snake is not like a worm. Cut the snake and the snake would die. Problem. The snake must not have read the manual. He curled up in a ball and raised his head and hissed at me. I was thinking where on earth did I put that manual? Sooooo, I whacked him again only this time I managed to hold the snake's head to floor. We slid together under the dining room table. Suddenly, he became very still. I said, "Are you really, really dead. Or..... are yuh bluffing? Snake kept silent. I picked him up carefully with a paper towel and he remained limp as a noodle. I did keep a tight grip on his neck. Do snakes have a neck? Any way, that's what I did. Next problem....................What do I do with him? Sandy was a sleep and I didn't want her to go to throw something away in the waste basket the next morning and SURPRISE! What a terrible DISTRACTION! So I tossed him out on the back patio. We have a lot of stray cats around the place and who knows, maybe one of them will think Sushi!
After that rather unnerving DISTRACTION i went back to preparing my Easter message, "NO CROSS..... NO KINGDOM." I remembered Isaiah said< " The nursing child will play by the hole of the cobra." That was a comforting thought at this moment. Some time passed and I went out back to see about the snake. It was gone! GULP! I decided enough was enough! No more DISTRACTIONS. PRAY my Easter message will be a blessing with as few DISTRACTIONS as possilble.

DISTRACTIONS: At Men's Bible study last Saturday, I had forgotten my visual aid, which was one of those unpleasant DISTRACTIONS. Suddenly, I heard a noise behind me. Three young men stood behind me. They had missed their lift to the Bible study. So they had walked about 4 miles to join us. What a pleasant DISTRACTION! PRAY FOR THE SPIRITUAL WELL BEING OF Sollo, Poppi, and Pule.' Sollo (17) stood up beside me in our Sunday morning worship service and said all the Books of the New Testment. Despite all the DISTRACTIONS, he earned himself a brand new Bible. He also brought his sister with him to service. PRAY for Moditaba, I think she still searching.

DISTRACTIONS: Today is Thursday and Sandy had her ladies Bible study and Salena was out for the first time even though she does attend services on a regular basis. Sandy thinks she will see more of Salena. There just happened to be a "slight DISTRACTION during the study, the boys staying at Virgina's were CHOP, CHOP CHOPPING the heads off of our "dinner guests" for our Easter Feast." Yes life does have it's DISTRACTIONS, but the missionary life is well worth it. Thanks for allowing us to be here for you.

Jake & Sandy.

PS Just one parting thought has come to mind.......Do you think snakes hold grudges?

Posted: 3/6/2013  Expires: 4/5/2013

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