February 2013 Update

Roger & Marcy Smith  (1976)

Greetings from Recife!

It’s that time again to give you an update on things here on the field. These have been interesting days for us and for the ministry here. We are so thankful for each of you who uphold us in your prayers, and through your support of our ministry here. We are constantly reminded that we are surely not alone in what we are doing here, but have a great support team. It was so good to see most of you on our last two short furloughs. Marcy and I continue to invest in the precious lives of leaders in most of the ministries we are involved in.
That is where the future of any missionary work lies. It has been
especially exciting to see many young people dedicate time and energy to the things of God. It is great to see people continuing to be
saved and discipled in their faith. Just last night a very excited lady
shared with us that her husband was recently saved. We have prayed for him for years. He told me he wants to be baptized. In fact three people talked to us about baptism yesterday and we haven’t been announcing a baptism.

Special prayer request: As many may remember, we try to have an
Easter Play each year as a major outreach time. This year we have a
brand new play Marcy wrote and the practices are in full swing. We
are hoping to have a full house the four nights it is presented. It
continues to be a great time for the Koinonia church family to work
together to pull it off. It will be the Easter weekend, starting Thursday. Recently we have done some more survey trips to the Outback and are specifically looking for a place to rent for the beginning of a new church plant in the city of Arcoverde. Marcy
went with me on one of the recent trips where we sought to better
acquaint ourselves with the city. As you can imagine, she wanted to see the local shopping options like grocery stores, etc. We had a nice time to talk things over and make contacts, as well as have a time to pray over things. We need an initial apartment or house to
rent for us and others to use on our trips there. It has been incredible to see things beginning to take shape. Our prayer
requests continue to be that God will raise up a team and give us a refined strategy. It looks like we will have news soon about some answers to these requests. A Big Thanks to all!

In Christ,
The Smiths
Posted: 2/26/2013  Expires: 3/28/2013

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