February 2013 Update

Buddy & Jen Rathmell  (1996)

Dear friends and family,

Thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf. We are always so blessed and humbled by so many who pray for us.

After 12 days, Buddy is on the upswing. An ultrasound today showed that all of his organs are in good shape and no signs of blockage from parasites or otherwise. It turns out he was hit with two types of parasites as well as having Giardiasis. Little did we know, that Giardiasis is also contagious and now his lovely wife finds herself sidelined as well. Other than the reminder that the house gets dirty faster with Mom in bed, we are pretty stable. Jen is on drugs and should make a more speedy recovery than Buddy (who the doctors never thought was well enough to medicate for Giardiasis while trying to kill off the parasites).

So...thank you, thank you, thank you! It seems as though we are on the mend, and the critters are all being dealt with (I will spare you the details, but trust me - you don't want to know!)

Jen & Buddy

Posted: 2/26/2013  Expires: 3/28/2013

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