February 2013 Update

Jonathan & Sarah Weber  (2004)


We are grateful for how the Lord works in mysterious ways to accomplish His will and to build His church. We can certainly testify to seeing God at work in Belgium in the past weeks.

We are grateful for all who have joined with us in prayer for a new meeting place for the New Hope Evangelical Church.

Let us share a bit of how we have seen God at work in the past weeks...

Blessings From Above:

Results of meeting on Jan 22nd: The owners of the property in Zoutleeuw met on Jan 22nd and approved rental of the property to us, yet unbeknownst to us, there was one more detail with the previous renters that had to be finalized before the property could be officially offered to us. So, January 22nd came and went and we still had no confirmation of a new place for our church to meet-instead we were told that there would be another meeting on February 6th!

Results of meeting on Feb 6th: The long-awaited phone call came on the evening of February 6th-the owners of the property in Zoutleeuw were finally ready to move ahead with making the necessary rental agreement that would give our church the opportunity to have a new home in Zoutleeuw. Unfortunately, the rental of the property cannot begin until the beginning of September 2013. We are grateful to be able to move ahead with plans to relocate to a building that will have adequate space for all Sunday morning activities along with the ability as sole renters to organize events during the course of the week as well. We are looking forward to a meeting with the owners to sign the rental agreement!

Temporary meeting place until end of summer: Since the new property is not available until September 1st, we have to find a temporary place to meet during the months of March, April, May, June, July and August. We have been offered one gathering place in Zoutleeuw for use on Sundays that is right across the street from the building we will be renting; however, the cost of this temporary meeting place is rather expensive. So, we have asked the school in Nieuwerkerken if we could continue to meet there (not in the preschool building but in the cafeteria) for some extra weeks. We pray they will allow us to continue to meet there on a temporary basis for some extra time!

Transition to a new meeting place in Zoutleeuw: After having met in the school in Nieuwerkerken for the past 13 years, the New Hope Evangelical Church will be starting a new chapter by moving to new location in Zoutleeuw. The last service in the preschool building will be on February 24th. Since the school in Nieuwerkerken is going to be completely remodeled, we have requested that we be allowed to take some of the old chairs and tables for use in our new meeting place. Please pray that the school administration will graciously allow us to help them "clean out" the building-effectively helping both parties and giving us furnishings for our new building.

February 21 Update


God has been good to our church family in the past weeks as we move ahead with the transition to a new meeting place. The timing has been less than ideal at times, yet we are learning patience and developing a greater trust in our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are excited to see things moving ahead according to God's divine plan. There are some significant changes ahead as we close one chapter and look forward to opening a new chapter. It is a blessing to be able to see that these changes are positioning our church to grow and develop!

We are grateful for all who have joined with us in prayer for a new meeting place for the New Hope Evangelical Church. Here are a few significant details about what is coming!

Looking Ahead:

Moving supplies to storage on Feb 23rd: We are grateful that a group of people are prepared to help us move many of our supplies from the school Nieuwerkerken to a temporary storage place. We are excited to be able to take along with us many tables and chairs that the school in Nieuwerkerken no longer needs. These valuable resources will help us furnish our new location in Zoutleeuw so that we will be able to pursue many different Biblical education endeavors in the future.

Final worship service in Nieuwerkerken on Feb 24th: We are looking forward to a special service on February 24th for our church family to celebrate what God has done in the past and look forward to what God will do in the future. After a special service of reflecting on God's work and casting vision for the future, we'll close this chapter in Nieuwerkerken with a special reception for our church family.

Rental contract for new location in Zoutleeuw on March 1st: We are looking forward to finalizing details of the rental of our new meeting place on Friday, March 1st. The elders will meet with the owners to prepare the necessary documents that will make it possible for us to rent the new location in Zoutleeuw beginning September 1, 2013. We sure wish that we could have started renting the new facility sooner, yet because of the ideal nature of the new place, we are content to wait until September 1st to begin using it!

Temporary meeting place until end of August: Since the new property is not available until September 1st, we must meet for our Sunday services in a temporary location for the next 6 months. We are grateful to have found a large meeting place in Zoutleeuw which is located directly across the street from the building that we will be renting in September. It has been a long time since we've had to set up on Sunday morning before the service and then tear down on Sunday afternoon after the service, yet we take comfort in knowing that it is just for 6 months!

Posted: 2/26/2013  Expires: 3/28/2013

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