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Buddy & Jen Rathmell  (1996)

Please pray for alumnus, Buddy Rathmell (1996). For a few weeks his energy would be very low in the afternoon and he would feel like he needed to get all of his work done before lunch. It turns out he had a bad case of parasites and is now on medicine to rid his body of them. They think he has so many that it is blocking the bile duct from the liver. Next week he goes in again to see if his liver function is back to normal and if the parasites are dying off. They would also like him to start on a 2 week course of drugs to kill off any potential amoebas but he needs to get healthy first. His wife, Jen asks “would you pray that God heals his body of the parasites and anything else foreign that shouldn't be in his body?”

Update 2/28/13
Last week, we asked for prayer for Buddy (1996) & Jen (2005) Rathmell and some health issues that Buddy was struggling with. Buddy is doing much better but what they did not realize that what he had (bad case of parasites) was also very contagious. Jen is not struggling with them. Please pray for them as a family as they continue to battle this.
Posted: 2/21/2013  Expires: 3/23/2013

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