February 2013 Update

Jane Schmitz  (1983)

Dear Prayer Partners,

Life in Yaoundé:

It is good to be back here. I never know where home really is. I am living in the house of another missionary, who recently left for her furlough. The house is next to a small mosque, so I hear the call to pray often. It is a reminder for me to stop and pray to the Lord and to pray for Muslim’s salvation. February ll is National Youth day here in Cameroon. I am praising the Lord for water being given every day so far. Thanks for your prayers. Electric has been cut off almost everyday though this past week for at least 6 hours a day. I am also thankful for a new internet connection that is working well.


Marie Laure came to see me at the airport. She is one of my dearest African friends. Her sister-in-law recently passed away leaving a 2 ½ month old baby and another young boy. Severen had received Christ through Marie Laure’s witness. We are rejoicing that she is with the Lord and grateful that at Christmas, when visiting Marie Laure, she showed evidence of truly knowing the Lord. Marie Laure also shared with me about her recent opportunity to give the gospel in her home village, at the church she grew up in, that no longer preaches the gospel. We have been praying for this for 4 years now. All of that came about as she had gone to the village to get a natural treatment for her grandson that was ill. Please pray for that witness. She used the church’s doctrine as the bridge to explain the gospel through the Word. How wonderful to see Larissa, my spiritual daughter, and her family with their new baby (Daniel Josué) who is a gift from the Lord. We had prayed for this, as her previous pregnancy led to a miscarriage. Her husband will finish his masters at the seminary in a few months. They want to serve the Lord and start a church here in the city. I was greeted with great love and chanting by the school children where I used to teach. I am encouraged that the founder’s son is now teaching Bible to these children.

Finishing Well:

I leave Cameroon permanently on May 2, 2013. It is my desire to finish well.

Serving the Lord,
Jane Schmitz

February 19 Update

Dear Prayer Partners,

Praise God for His Blessings:
Even though I only have a few months left before leaving here, God is blessing me in so many ways. I am overwhelmed by all He is doing for me.
1. This past Saturday I met Yves and his sister Ann, in the clinic next to the house we meet in for church in Olembé. I believe God had a divine appointment with them, particularly Yves. He shared that his parents had both passed away and he had been living on the streets doing very bad things. He is 17. He had never really listened to someone preach the gospel before. He prayed to receive Christ after hearing what Christ had done for him. Afterwards he said he had joy for the first time. Please pray for follow up with him. His sister was a bit busy, but also heard much of gospel and prayed to receive Christ. Of course, we do not know another’s heart, but it was evident that God was at work. I love to tell the story and I was so encouraged by the openness as they listened attentively.
2. The discipleship group of ladies is going very well with a great response. As I was sharing the gospel at the clinic, an older lady came in to buy a syringe as she said she is a retired nurse. She saw us discussing the Bible and I told her that next door we would be having a ladies’ Bible study in a few minutes. She came in after we had already started, but also brought her daughter. The lesson itself was a clear gospel presentation. They both told me that they had accepted Christ as children, but we pray that they would be interested in coming to church, too.
3. Sunday, I went to the church service in the village of Ngomayos. This is where Jeanine, my spiritual daughter’s family is from and her father the chief, had accepted Christ. The group is small, but they are committed. What a blessing to hear the testimony of the chief’s sister. Mama B. who recently accepted Christ because her brother, the chief, hadn’t been talking to her for years, but now that he knows Christ, he greeted her by hugging her and receiving her into his home with open arms. She was so surprised by this change and wanted to know why. Now she knows Jesus, too. I have been asked to disciple the women of this church, too, although it is far for me, I will go Sunday afternoons to meet with them. I would appreciate your prayers for that.
4. All the other teaching opportunities are going so well, too.
5. Next week I have been invited to give a devotional to a group of Chadien women and to also participate in a pastors and wives conference at the seminary.
I am not sure if I can take any more blessings as my heart is so full already. Praise God for what He is doing in me, around me and through me. God is at work.

Many have been asking why I am leaving Cameroon. The main reasons are:
1. Our ABWE project to plant a church is no longer possible and I cannot stay in Cameroon without a missionary team.
2. I have to go to the states for a required health test in early May.
Please feel free to write me personally if you have any other questions. I am in communication with all those who support me and I ask you to please join us in praying for me to finish well and for God to lead when and where He wants me next. Join me in waiting on the Lord. I do not yet have any direction for my next place of ministry.

Needed prayer:
1. My teammates, the Hamricks as they seek God’s will, too.
2. That God would bless those that are serving Him here in Yaoundé and that many would come to Christ through their ministries. That solid Biblical churches would be established.
3. For national men in training, that they would become Biblical pastors and ministers.
4. That those I have opportunity to train would continue to take their responsibility to reach and teach others.
5. Wisdom and God’s provision in the sale of my things. The biggest item for sale is my vehicle. Pray that this will work out at the right price and in an easy manner.
6. Strength, wisdom and direction as I keep a busy ministry schedule.

Thanks for holding me up in prayer.
Jane Schmitz

Posted: 2/12/2013  Expires: 3/14/2013

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