February 2013 Update

Nick & Krista Rachevsky  (2003)

Dear Prayer Partners,

As we reflect over the last six months we spent in Canada and the US, we are overwhelmed with God’s blessing and protection. These months were not without their difficulties, but we were able to see God work through them and turn them into blessings or displays of His power. Since our return, many people have asked how our vacation went. I have to laugh at that. It may seem like six months “at home” is a great extended vacation, but in reality it is not. Yes, we were able to spend time with family and relax, but there was much work involved as well. In the 26 Sundays we were in North America, we ministered in 19 different churches. We were also able to speak at Twin Lakes Camp for a week, one missions conference, two ladies’ Bible Studies and one college dorm. Our two boys were a part of nineteen different nurseries and Sunday school classes! I (Krista) went into furlough expecting our kids to struggle and have a difficult time adjusting. In reality, they adjusted very well and were so flexible. To them it was all a big adventure. Meeting new people and doing new things was fun to them and they thrived. One Sunday, I went into Noah’s room and told him that he needed to get ready for church since it was Sunday and we were going to a new church. He responded with, “Oh yeah! I love visiting new churches.” I remember praying that my attitude would match his! We do not take this lightly and have thanked God many times for his grace to our family during those six months. We went into furlough lacking around $325 dollars a month. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of churches and individuals and were able to be at 100% before leaving for Portugal. As exchange rates have dropped we are especially grateful for the support that has come in since we left to help keep us at 100%. God has provided! Thank you for praying and for giving! One unexpected difficulty turned into blessing was our plane trip back to Portugal. When we flew to Canada, Isaac was 18 months old, but for the return trip, he was now two. This caused a few difficulties and involved getting him his own seat. By adding a 4th seat, we were no longer all together. Without us saying a word about this, the airline worked to find 4 seats together. They “just happened” to be in business class! We were so excited to settle into our seats (that fully reclined) and get ready for the 7 hour journey. After about an hour of waiting, they announced that our co-pilot was ill and the flight was cancelled. We immediately began to wonder how we were going to be able to collect our two children, six carry-ons and eleven bags. Through God’s grace and the help of a few airline employees, we were able to load it all into the bus that took us and the other business class costumers to our hotel. We finally put the boys to bed at 1:30 am and settled in for the night. Since our new flight didn’t leave until 6:00pm the following night, we were able to spend a relaxing day as a family. We are grateful for God’s
protection! The co-pilot could have become ill while we were travelling over the Atlantic, but we were still on the ground. In spite of our adventure, all of our bags arrived in Lisbon and nothing of importance was damaged. Because of our wonderful seats, the boys and I were able to sleep for several hours on the flight home. This was very helpful in adjusting to the five hour time difference. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so easy for Nick. We were very thankful for the week he had to adjust and prepare before classes started again. Nick is excited to be back in the classroom again. He definitely missed his students and GLCA. He felt a little bit lost last September when he was still in North America and didn’t have to go to school. Please continue to pray that he will have wisdom as he teaches and that he will be able to build into the students’ lives. Please continue to pray that we continue to improve in our language learning. I have started going back to classes once a week to prepare for the B2 level university class that both Nick and I need to take this summer. Noah and Isaac have had difficulty going back into the Portuguese Sunday school class. They are frustrated that they don’t understand what is being said. We have started taking Noah to his own Portuguese lessons, so please pray that he will learn quickly and adjust back into this culture. Noah is very excited that he is beginning to learn to read and write. Today, he wrote a note to Daddy to tell him he loves him. He wrote the letter all by himself and was able to write a few words without asking Mom how to spell them. Isaac is now talking and keeping us laughing with his cute words and expressions. Between the two of them, they keep us busy and laughing.

Thank you for your prayers!

In Christ,
Nick & Krista
Posted: 2/12/2013  Expires: 3/14/2013

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