February 2013 Update

Phil & Karen Coppola  (1984)

Dear Friends and Praying Partners,

We just wanted to pen a quick note to thank you once again for your faithful support. I know that it might be hard for you to fully grasp, but we can “feel” your love and prayers every time that we feel God’s protection, every time we feel afraid and God is there, every time that we get to the end of our own abilities and realize that that is where God begins.

We have so much to share with you and look forward to this year as we return in March to report to all of our churches and share the story of all that God is doing in Cambodia.

Would you please pray specifically for three things:
1. That the Lord would impress on Phiep (our Khmer friend and potential leader in the church) that he must give up his old habits (which lead to dependence on the missionary) and begin to understand fully the task of shepherding that God has placed upon him.
2. That the Lord would give us peace and organization skills as we look to sell off everything in our house that we will not need next term, then consolidate and store the rest for the coming year. (We also need someone who will “babysit” our dog for the year so that we don’t have to sell him.)
3. That this would be a year of growth for New Heart, for Todd and Jennifer Janes (our new team mates on the field), and for Rob and Kristi as they seek to anchor the whole ministry in our absence.

Several have asked about our needs for the coming year. As you might know, we have purchased a condo on the south side of Indianapolis as an investment and will be needing to furnish it in the coming six weeks. The biggest item on the list is a Suburban or an SUV that we can use to travel and that is able to carry Karen’s mobility scooter. If you know anyone who is selling a reasonably price vehicle ($3000-4000) like this, would you please have them contact us with pictures.

Thanks again for your love and support throughout the years.

We serve a Great God!
Phil and Karen Coppola
ABWE Missionaries to Cambodia

Posted: 2/12/2013  Expires: 3/14/2013

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