February 2013 Update

Steve & Charlene Giegerich  (1984)


A student from our church who attends Holy Cross College in South Bend (Catholic) has been looking for Christians on that campus. This same student was looking for non-Christians to invite to Bible study on Friday evening. He found a believer while working out in the weight room. The student he met said he would come to Bible study in December but did not come.

On Friday January 25 this student came to Bible study with a friend. After the study and having a time to talk, both said they would return the following Friday. This Christian friend came to the church we attend on January 27.

He came again last Friday with his friend and another friend. The first friend he brought said he had just trusted Christ and is looking for a church. After Bible study on February 1, this first friend asked a question about end times. I showed him several passages from Revelation. After sharing these things, his face turned red and he started to shed tears. I told him not to worry about that and that it was alright to show tears. I told him not to lose that sensitivity to the Scriptures that he showed. He kept repeating what the Bible said was so awesome. The Word of God made such an impact on his life that he was crying. (I was challenged for I do not regularly respond to the Word of God this way. I am not looking for just an emotional experience, but to be moved by the Spirit of God to the facts of the Word of God. There is a verse in Isaiah that says about trembling at God's Word. I also need that as a regular trait in my life.)

The second friend who came for the first time is an unsaved Holy Cross student. He said to the students who brought him that he was sick of religion and that he would give religion one more try. I did not know this until after the Bible study. The study was over Christ's temptation and for some reason that study touched his "need button". I had no idea what this young man was thinking when he arrived for Bible study. After the Bible study he talked to Charlene and some of the others present, carefully throwing out theological and social statements, trying to see how they would respond. At 11:30 p.m. I came downstairs to go to bed but the four students, the one from our church and the three others with our son James, were going strong. They left at 1:30 a.m. All of them said they would be back next week! Praise the Lord for His working. Our son James also said God might be answering a prayer of his by sending these 4 young men into his life. Pray for this Friday's lectures and study are about Nicodemus and Christ's Rejection.

The Chinese continue to come, although not as many. There are four that are very regular. Their English is getting better and they understand more. One who had terrible English told me last week that I speak slow and use simple English that he understands a lot of what I say. Praise God for that! Pray for their salvation. Charlene and I continue to teach an English lesson each week to three Chinese at their apartment. It is a real joy and a learning experience to teach English through a Pictorial Dictionary, the Bible and other resources .

Pray for the Christian Chinese New year party we plan to have at the Campus House on Feb. 15. Pray for a good attendance, good weather and that the Gospel be shared clearly in both English and Chinese.

Someone drove a truck into the yard and destroyed the CBF sign, broke off a couple trees and smashed some of the shrubs. These things are located at least 50 feet from the road. The driver got the truck stuck, leaving the truck in the front yard landscape at the Campus House. We called 911 and two policemen came, made a report and impounded the truck. We have not heard anything as to who did it and it is over a week since this happened. Pray this will be resolved soon.

There is spiritual battle going on during some of the ministry opportunities we do. Some of the interested people are distracted by those who aren't as interested in the Gospel.

Thanks for your prayers!
Steve Giegerich

Posted: 2/8/2013  Expires: 3/10/2013

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