February 2013 Update

Roy & Nancy Jones  (1976)

Dear Supporting Churches and Friends,

Have you ever had a Bible Study with someone who has never read the Bible before? We started a Bible study with Antonio and Isabel called “The Story of Hope”. It is a series of 40 studies that take you through the Old and New Testament. We’ve used it on several occasions now and are pleased with the way it approaches the study of the Word. As we have been studying with Antonio, it became apparent that this is his first time to read the Bible. What a blessing it is to be able to show him what God has done through the ages so that we can know Him and have a personal faith is His Son, Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray for the Bible studies that we have here in Campo Real.

Last year, Roy started attending a Book Club here in Campo Real. We have become good friends with the librarian, Isabel, so it has been an added encouragement to get to know her better. Most of the books are not ones that we would normally read but it’s been a good way to meet more people here in this town. The last book we’re reading is called “The Family” which is an account of one of only two Spanish popes. Because of the content, we began to talk about religion. One of the men suggested that we are probably all Catholics. Roy was able to share his testimony. One of the men has a daughter who lives in the US and is married to a Baptist pastor! We pray that God will continue to give us more opportunities to share our faith. Nancy continues to teach English at home and at the Cultural Center and has been able to witness to some.

We continue to look for opportunities to minister in Torres de la Alameda. Since February is the month of love, we will be celebrating with a Sweetheart Banquet. Keith Hudak has found a restaurant with a separate room. We’ll be having games, music, a devotional and, of course, some good Spanish food. We’re praying that our friends will be able to go with us. We have invited the couples from the Coslada and Alameda de Osuna churches to accompany us.

We have not had great success in our search for a ministry center in Torres de la Alameda. Any building we rent will need to be remodeled to meet the building codes which could be quite expensive. We thought, perhaps, we could rent a house but we have discovered that if we invite the public to attend, the house must also meet the codes. We have a short list of possibilities and are waiting to see if any of them might fit the bill for our needs and finances. We are not discouraged but there are times when we wonder if we’re going to find just the right place for our needs. The one we looked at this week is right on the main street so it’s a great location. Please continue to pray with us as the search goes on. In March we will be planning an Easter egg hunt and are also making plans for the English camp this summer. Even without a meeting place, we can have activities. Keith is looking into renting the gym for a youth activity this spring.

God is good and is working. We are encouraged by the opportunities we have had to share our faith and to have people in our home. Spain is in crisis mode because of the economy so this also gives us opportunities to talk about how God can meet our deepest needs. Thank you for your prayers on our behalf. We would not want to be in Spain without your participation in our ministry.

In His Service,

Roy & Nancy Jones

Posted: 2/8/2013  Expires: 3/10/2013

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