January 2013 Update

Paul & Elaine Kintner  (1965)

Dear Prayer Partners,

Wednesday, January 23rd we returned from our two week trip to Peru with our hearts full of blessings from the Lord. The purpose of the trip was to minister in Hope Baptist Church in Trujillo for their 50th anniversary. We had the privilege of ministering there in 1969-1971, two very eventful years that included rebuilding the building after the earthquake in 1970, purchasing additional property, where a beautiful three-story church building now stands, and leaving the church in 1971 with a national pastor.

Paul preached seven times basing his messages on the seven churches of Asia Minor, churches that probably were 40 - 50 years old at the time of John's writing. Christ's observations of the problems in those churches are very similar to churches today, and they need to be warned of "losing their first love", failing to stand firm under persecution, consenting to false doctrine, tolerating immorality in the church, etc. We praise God for the faithfulness of this church and many others over the years.

Highlights for us were meeting old friends from our days there in the 70's, some "very old", and many who were young people and children during our time there. Our son Tim and his wife accompanied us, as did our granddaughter, Rachel, and enjoyed meeting childhood friends, as Tim was only five years old when we went there. But our greatest joy was seeing so many walking with the Lord after all these years.

Now, back on the home front, we face much work and activity before us. Saturday morning, teacher training, Sunday afternoon, annual business meeting of the church, vacate bookstore building by February 1st, prepare for church "Graduation" on March 10th. This is when the church will officially graduate from mission status to self-supporting, status with their own leadership. Some of the BMM leadership will be present for that occasion, and we invite any of our faithful supporters and prayer warriors to accompany us that day, as you have had a part in the beginning of this church.

Between now and then we have some urgent projects to complete. The parsonage (rented out as the pastor lives in other housing) has been inspected by the local Housing Authority in order to comply with their regulations regarding subsidized renters. There were several observations regarding the condition of the house. They are requiring certain changes according to new codes, repair of most of the windows, and new carpet throughout the house. We agree that the changes are needed, however the renters have been there around 15 years, and are good renters, and do not want to move, and need to rely on subsidized housing. We have until February 11th to comply before a second inspection. We have been able to save some funds from the closing of the bookstore, however this would require around $5,000. to complete, and would deplete the reserve funds that we have taught the church to maintain. If God would lay this need on your hearts, there is an account at Baptist Mid-Missions under "Paul Kintner - building" where funds can be sent to meet this expense.

Thank you for your prayers for us, and for the ministry here in North Carolina.

In His service,
The Kintners

Posted: 2/8/2013  Expires: 3/10/2013

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