February 2013 Update

Jake & Sandy Schrader  (1976)

Hi Praying Friends,
Our Lord continues to "Bring Them In" to Restore Church. Our Sunday School wing is packed out We are praying about taking a section of our auditorium (462 sq. yards) and turning it into Sunday School rooms. Pray with us. We will be looking into an estimate. Our main worship service is doing very well. Why? Mainly because people are inviting people and living a different life before them. Our people from Zimbabwe are inviting other refugees. "LITTLE THINGS" like an invitation. LITTLE THINGS like sharing their food. Inviting others home to their shanty after church. One young man named Topati had eaten little in several days. He 's eating now. Our precious lady, Virginia always seems to find a way to make room for one more for dinner. Topati was trying to sew his shoes together to have something to wear to school. He would never be nick named "Shorty" and wears a size 11 shoe. We talked to our co-worker, Josh about it. Josh wears size 11. He now has not one, but two pairs of shoes. LITTLE THINGS.

LITTLE THINGS: Our new care taker and security man Aaron is so happy to be with us. I medcated his hand and bandaged it from cutting his fingers from pulling weeds under our buildings which I told him not to bother. That is "over kill." I drove up to the property day before yesterday AND THERE STOOD A GATE! This humble little man, Aaaron had made it! It is not made of iron, but sturdy wood! Now all we need to add is some razer wire and electric wiring to work with our alarm system.. Where will we get this funding? IT HAS ALREADY BEEN PROVIDED thanks to our dear friends at F.B.C., Portage, IN. LITTLE THINGS.

LITTLE THINGS: Aaron our new security man had our generator up and running Sunday morning, but didn't know how to get our auditorium lights going. He felt a little embarrassed (to say the least). Without saying a word, our former man, Pasca helped him get the lights up and running. THE LITTLE THINGS.

Why do we often worry about the LITTLE THINGS when I am reminded time after time, BUT SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS; AND ALL "THESE THINGS" SHALL BE ADDED UNTO TO YOU. The "LIttle Things" and they are little when we think of His grand glorious coming Kingdom. Amen? Amen.

Still Seeking for His Kingdom and TRYING to leave the rest up to Him,

February Update

Dear Praying Friends,
None of us like them. Seldom can we dodge them. Yet, all of us can expect them. I have come to think of them as BUMPS ALONG THE WAY. Peter had his share of them and warns us to expect the same. "BELOVED, THINK IT NOT STRANGE CONCERNING THE FIERY TRIAL WHICH IS TO TRY YOU, AS THOUGH SOME STRANGE THING HAPPENED UNTO YOU." 1 Pet 4:12.

BUMPS ALONG THE WAY: Saturday, I was on my way back to Hennenman from our Men's Bible when BAM! Black smoke began to pour out the back of my little green Fiat. I finally was able to get my insurance company to provide a tow to Welkom, but things didn't look good. Just now... about two minutes ago this verdict has been confirmed. The mechanic just called and told me I, or he needed to start looking for a new engine. The old one was completely seized up. BUMP! Pray with us as just what to do? Even with two vehicles it takes us to about 3:30 in the afternoon to get everybody home. Some we know will begin walking again, but for many women and children it is just not safe. We know our heavenly Father knows best and will enable us to stand the test.

BUMPS ALONG THE WAY: Monday morning I woke up with a BUMP on the back of my head. I rubbed it. OUCH! Don't remember BUMPING into anything on Sunday morning or afternoon. By Monday afternoon it had gotten a little bigger so I called to make an appointment, but could not see the doc until Wednesday. So in I went to see my favorite doc. He's a brilliant guy with sort of "coke bottle glasses." He got up about one inch from my head and exclaimed, "IT'S A BUMP!" Any way to make a long story short, I am taking a hefty antibiotic and putting an antibiotic cream on THE BUMP. Any way THE BUMP seems to make me a bit dizzy and nauseous so I have slowed down a bit today. I know you will be praying. Thanks.

BUMPS ALONG THE WAY: We had to let our most recent security/up keep man go.. Aaron has a drinking problem. Sooooo we have had to move on to the next candidate, Daniel. Please pray this matter is settled soon. I seem to be the one stuck with hiring and firing and it is quite trying on the nerves (as you can well imagine).

BUMPS ALONG THE WAY: Some BUMPS are not temporary but eternal ones. None the less they are still unexpected and also quite painful. The lovely lady our family and many others called GRAN went home to be with her LORD this past Monday afternoon. She was the charter member of First Baptist church of Kokstad and she was ONE HUNDRED AND ONE YEARS OLD! We Schraders so loved and appreciated her. She was an up close and personal granny that the Lord so graciously provided for our kids over the 15 years we were in Kokstad, South Africa. Our Jennifer wrote on facebook, "Thankful for a little ole grandma from Kokstad, S.A. who taught me that family is so much more than genetic! She is finally in the arms of her true love, her Savior! I can't wait to see Grandma Phyliss again." ME TOO JEN! How about you praying friend, are you ready for that final BUMP?
Still taking those BUMPS ALONG THE WAY by His grace and His grace alone,
Jake.........& Sandy, too! (Bump, bump).

February 8 Update

Dear Friends,
Normally you would be hearing from Jake, but today it is from me, Sandy. Jake has been in hospital since Tuesday this week. That "bump" he mentioned on the back of his head ( a gland) became very infected, causing him a lot of pain. Along with the infection he has also contracted a case of the chicken pox, the two problems together are why he was admitted. He is doing some better, in fact he thought he would be allowed home today. The doctor today decided to keep him we are hoping maybe tomorrow. He, (we) would appreciate your prayers on his behalf. We thank God for all of you, and I am sure when he gets out, he will drop you a note.

Sandy and of course Jake too

February 9 Update

Hello Everybody,

Dr. Nieuwoudt (Yes, that's his "handle") finally released me today. But only on my best behavior. P.T.L.! So another brother will be taking the Sunday service in my place. I spoke to you about 'a bump" that appeared last week. Well, over the weekend it decided to make it's Grand Appearance." Dr. N. told me he needed to find me a bed in hospital and treat me interveniencely to get at the bump. I was debating this with myself while sitting in the admittance lounge when suddenly it felt like the back of my head was blasting off. Suddenly, I was moved from the end of the line to the front. I was close to passing out. Of course, hospital red tape still had to be completed. Yes, even in Africa! Soon I found myself in a double room. Not sure how I got there or even which floor I was on. Upon a closer examination I was moved from the double bed to a single bed near the nurses' station. I thought I heard the guy say next to me "lucky stiff!" "Lucky" I wasn't sure, but "stiff" that could be if things didn't lighten up and lighten up soon. By evening I had little blisters all over me. In fact, the bump on the back of my head had kind of turned into a sizable blister (almost 2 inches in diameter. Dr. N. wasn't able to get back to me until the next morning, but they certainly took quite a few tubes of blood the previous night. He came in quite somber looking the next morning. I think he said "When are you ever going to grow up, Peter Pan?" Chicken pox at your age! I said never! That's the best part about living at Never Never Land (or No Man's Land to some) ALONG WITH ALL MY KIDS! Things are a bit complicated as a gland in the back of my head has become infected and chicken pox loves those targets to go after. Not only that BUT one lower back tooth also has become inflamed. I had not made it to the dentist yet. That's up Monday morning.

I know a little more personally about the verse, BRETHREN PRAY FOR US! I think a lot more began happening when all of you folks began praying. Most of the pox have vanished and the "bump" has shrunk to about the size of a man's thumb nail. Thanks for your continued prayers. The men have been calling me and looks like all is under control for tomorrow's service. Mamma Sandy will also have all the help necessary. This is so very, very important as our Sunday school wing will probably be full again

Lot's more to tell but it will have to wait until next week. My little green light is beginning to "flicker." Everybody CLAP, CLAP, CLAP! Better still pray.
In His love & service,
Jake (and his pet bump)

February 15 Update

Dear Praying Friends,
MAKING PROGRESS in the chicken pox department. Just a few left to go.
MAKING NO PROGRESS in finding an engine for our fiat. Clarence, my mechanic is still looking.
Thanks for patiently praying with us,
Jake........................& Sandy, too!

February 22 Update

Dear Praying Friends,
An old time favorite verse of mine is "TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL THINE HEART; AND LEAN NOT UNTO THINE OWN UNDERSTANDING.IN ALL THY WAYS ACKNOWLEDGE HIM AND HE SHALL DIRECT THY PATHS." Sometimes our God simply brings us back to the basics.

TRUST: We had no idea where the repairs were going to come for our Fiat and Nissan Hardbody pick up truck. The Fiat needed a new engine, it was finished. ($2238.35) and the baakie (pick up) needed a full service ($196.73). Lord, what do you want us to do? I received this email day before yesterday: 'JAKE AND SANDY, GOD HAS PROVIDED FOR YOU AUTO REPAIRS IN AMAZING WAYS...THIS PAST FRIDAY (THE 15TH) I DID OUR TAXES AND FUND WE WERE OWED A REFUND OF $2200.00. COINCIDENCE? I DON'T THINK SO! WE'LL COVER THE COST OF THE ENGINE AND THE REST OF THE BAAKIE TUNE UP. Well folks what can I say? It's just another lesson in 101 TRUST. Amen? Amen!

TRUST: Sandy was praying about how to make her Thursday Ladies Bible Study more challenging. She has actually been running about a dozen ladies. Some of these ladies have started coming out on Sunday but fumble badly to find the passage I'm teaching from.... especially if I move around from book to book. I could see the frustration in their faces. So we sincerely prayed about this problem. How do the new catch up with the older more experienced. This week I drove our only operating vehicle out to pick Sandy up from Virginia's shanty. I hear this roaring laughter and wondered what on earth is going on??? Is Sandy doing a stand up comedy act? No! She had decided to try the ladies out with a good old fashioned "SWORD DRILL" You know. She had everybody hold their Bibles above their heads, then she called out the Scripture reference. The ladies then repeated the passage and then somebody shouted GO! Those ladies were hunting for that passage with a flurry. LAUGHING AND LAUGHING AND LAUGHING! They had never done this before in their lives. They were having a ball and I'm sure they will soon feel more comfortable with their Bibles. Once again our Lord was telling us Jake, Sandy TRUST me.

TRUST: We have some new Bibles. but we were thinking how can we make these Bibles special to our people. What if we required them to memorize the 27 books in the New Testament and then stand up beside me and repeat them from memory. The catch was each must stand up before our church family and say them from memory, If they made mistake......they would have to try again next week. I thought to myself would they go for it? What if they made a mistake, would they accept not receiving their Bible and having to try again another Sunday? GULP! So far seven people have earned their Bible and I would write something special in the fly leaf. Then one of adults made a mistake. The rest of the folks wondered would I abide by the rules. Would she abide by the rule and graciously sit down. Would she graciously come back next Sunday? She not only took her seat, BUT did come back the following Sunday and said those books WORD PERFECT! I also found out she was a very bashful person which made it even more difficult! Virginia later said to me, 'PASTOR, I WILL NEVER FORGET HOW I EARNED THIS BIBLE. THANK YOU! With a sigh of relief I accepted her word of encouragement. Once again, a lesson in 101 TRUST.

TRUST: Well all my pox are gone.......well almost! The "thing" on the back of my head has turned out to be a form of "shingles." This ole BUMP still gives me a lot of up hill and at times I really feel lousy. I know I can just hear all of you Jake TRUST! By His grace and the your supporting prayers, I will, I will.

Malia told Sandy the other day an unexpected response from their oldest Max (almost 5). They were almost home from a trip and Max piped up, "MOMMY....MOMMY I THINK I JUST WET MY PANTS. MALIA SAID, "MAX!" BUT BEFORE SHE COULD FINISH HER LECTURE MAX INTERJECTS. "MOMMY, JESUS HAS FORGIVEN ALL MY SINS, BUT THERE JUST SEEMS TO BE A FEW LEFT." Well, folks from the mouth of babes, TRUST, Malia this too will pass.

"I just keep trusting my Lord as I roll along, I just keep trusting my Lord and He gives a song. Though the storm clouds darken the sky (you know the rest).
Still learning how,
Jake.....................& Sandy, too!

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