January 2013 Update

Larry & Sallie Fogle  (2001)

Dear friends,


The primary ministry for which I went to HAITI was a two-week class module in the Bible college at Jacmel. I had 29 students. About a third of them were pastors or associate pastors; the rest were deacons, Sunday School teachers, and other church leaders. My subject was “Church Administration” – a course which deals with the mission and programs of the church, and a number of major issues faced by the church. It’s a course which invites a lot of questions, and gives me occasion to share real-life ideas and examples, both positive and negative, from the US and around the world. I deeply appreciated this opportunity to impact the way numerous churches in HAITI will be led in future years.

I had not been aware that I would overlap with a short-term construction team from the US, who were there to add a third story to the school building on the campus of the Hosanna Baptist Church in Jacmel. This building houses a private Christian school in the daytime hours, and a four-year Bible college from 4-8 pm each day. That’s when I taught, four hours daily Monday – Friday, totaling forty hours of class in the two weeks. But since this was the first time I had ever taught this particular class in French, I also averaged another six hours a day in study outside of class. I finished my class, then managed to grade all the quizzes and research papers before I left Saturday morning, arriving home yesterday, Sunday. It was important to me to finish the grading, so now I could turn my thoughts toward my next PEP trip which is coming up so soon.

(For those who want to read more about this recent trip, I have added more detail at the end of this PEP TALK.)

1. Praise the Lord for His blessing on Larry’s PEP ministry trip to HAITI.
2. Praise the Lord for all those on our support team. We value the faithfulness and sacrifice of these churches and individuals; we couldn’t do what God has called us to do without their help.

1. Pray for our PEP ministry trip together to CHAD January 30 – February 18. Once again, Larry is to teach his “Church Administration” course in French.
2. Pray for scheduling for meetings in American churches in 2013. We still expect to schedule a couple more PEP ministry trips overseas for this year, but we are most concerned this year about more opportunities to present our ministry in US churches.
3. Pray for God’s provision of additional financial support according to His will. Please forgive us for focusing your attention on this again. I told you in December’s PEP TALK that we had lost $200 per month in 2012. Since then, we have learned about the loss of another $485 per month – always with regret, always because of financial struggles. This means we now have about $700 less support than when we started the PEP ministry six years ago. We’re not complaining; God has surely demonstrated His ability to provide for our needs. But we do need you to pray with us for an increased support base.
4. Pray for God’s provision of any remaining funds needed for our PEP trip to CHAD. Of course we have our international tickets, but there are some additional costs for interior flights, visas, etc. We are aware of at least one gift that has come in, but we don’t know the total from others at this time. We are confident that the Lord will provide.

Again we thank you for your love, your prayers and your support. We appreciate you!

Larry and Sallie

Posted: 1/24/2013  Expires: 2/23/2013

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