January 2013 Update

Ed & Dorothy Woods  (1971)

Dear Ministry Partners,

Our students were so excited about a recent snowfall, especially since several are from South China and have never had opportunity to enjoy this winter gift. They tried skiing at Cornell’s own slope, built their first snowmen, watched squirrels snitch the eyes and mouth, and of course, took photos of all of this. Their request: “Can we go sledding next time?”

Ah, sledding! The fast ride down the hill, the thrill, the long walk back, then repeat the process—many times. The ESL ministry has been somewhat like that lately. Join us for the ride.
After a selection explaining the Bible as the foundation for Christian belief, a discussion question asks: “Have you ever read the Bible? Would you like to know more about the Bible?” Immediately, five hands shot up. “I would!” “So would I.” Thus began a brand new Bible study on Sunday mornings after class. The students have been very enthusiastic, asking many questions, and listening intently to explanations of Bible verses. Please pray for the Spirit to open blind eyes and transform lives by the Word.

Monday afternoons we help two teen daughters of our students with understanding their homework. Last time, D. came in, said she didn’t need homework help, but asked, “Can we talk about this? Easter?” So for the next half hour we discussed the significance of this event. Both girls are now attending regular Sunday School classes rather than the ESL class (too many adults), and are learning more and more Bible truth.

One of the men, H.W., explained that the Communist Party tries to shut out religion. “Now, here, I realize there is a spiritual part of life. I must learn; I must explore this. It is so different from what we have been told.” He was really impressed that the Bible speaks about parenting, as he wants to be diligent in raising his only child. Others have similar interest and have borrowed church library books on that subject.

B.L. recently wrote in an email: “The past year is a wonderful year to me. I obtained the knowledge, friendship and God's love from you.” H.Z, also a professor, stayed for the Bible study for the first time last week. Both these men will soon return to their universities, but they need your prayers, that God would continue the work that He has begun, and that He will bring strong believers into their lives to further influence them for Christ.

They will return to China. We climb back up the hill, mount the sled, and take another ride. Sometimes it seems the walk is long, but it is definitely worth it! God is so good!

In His service,
Ed & Dorothy
Posted: 1/24/2013  Expires: 2/23/2013

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