January 2013 Update

Jonathan & Sarah Weber  (2004)


We are grateful for all who continue to faithfully pray for a new meeting place for our church. We believe that God is at work to provide us a new facility that will enable our church to continue accomplishing its ministry goals in the years to come. God is certainly at work-here's how...

Blessings of Answered Prayer:
Meeting with the Priest 1/7/12: A recent meeting with a local mayor led to a meeting with the town priest to discuss some properties that the Catholic church may be interested in renting. Even though the priest received us warmly, listened attentively and promised to make some inquiries on our behalf, we went away feeling like the available options just didn't fit our needs.

Meeting with the Priest 1/9/12: Then on Wednesday AM, I received a call from the priest to tell me that he had just found out about a property that could be IDEAL for our situation. He invited us to come look at it and see what we thought. After visiting the property this afternoon, we are convinced that it could be a fantastic solution for our church's needs-there is one large hall (church meeting place) and two smaller halls (for Sunday school and nursery) as well as bathrooms, a large entry way and a large walled-in patio area behind the building.

"Wow! Praise God! This is a God-thing!" That is how we are summing up things today! This property could really be a huge answer to prayer-especially since the geographical location is centrally located AND since we would be the sole renters who would be able to make use of the meeting places whenever we desire!

Prayer Request:
Decision regarding rental agreement: There will be a meeting on January 15th to decide whether or not the owners are willing to rent this property to our church. From what we can conclude, it seems like this should be a formality, yet we intend to pray hard until all the rental agreements are signed and everything is finalized.
Please pray with us that God will continue to lead our church to the right place where we can continue to be a light for the glory of God!

In Christ,
The Webers

January 21 Update


We find ourselves with increased faith in God's perfect timing after the events of last week. We know that many are praying-for which we are very grateful. We are confident that God will provide-so we continue to trust Him for the perfect place at just the right time.

So, what about those events of last week? Well, we can sum it up as this: "The expected didn't happen so that there was room in our calendar for the unexpected!" Let us share a bit of how we have seen God at work in the past week...

Blessings From Above:

Jan 15th meeting canceled due to snow: As last week began, we were excited because we knew that the group that owns the building in Zoutleeuw was planning to meet on Jan 15th to discuss among other things the decision to rent the building to our church. Then it started to snow on Tuesday and we never thought that the weather would result in a the meeting being rescheduled for the Jan 22nd. We would only learn about this development on Thursday, the day after another big event took place-an event that would occupy much of our attention for the rest of the week.

Accepting the unexpected instead of the expected: On Wednesday AM we were quite honestly expecting to hear about a decision regarding the rental property and were anticipating the process of finalizing the rental agreement during the following days. However, on Wednesday morning we received word from a grief-stricken wife that her husband had just passed away and that the family wanted our church to be involved in the planning of her husband's funeral. Instead of planning for the future meeting place of the church, God gave us many opportunities to minister to dear family members of a church member.

Opportunity to give comfort to a grieving family: God opened up many doors for us to give comfort to the unbelieving family of this dear man from our church who died unexpectedly on Wednesday morning. As I sat with the wife and daughter on Wednesday afternoon to make plans for a funeral service, I was keenly aware of God working in ways I had never imagined. These people who did not share the strong faith of their husband/father, were asking me to plan a funeral service that would highlight the faith of this dear man.

Opportunity to provide a God-honoring funeral on Jan 19th:
God graciously allowed us the privilege of organizing all the details that made it possible for our church to provide a funeral service on Saturday morning to remember the changed life of this man and to call his family to consider the hope that only comes through faith in Jesus Christ. We saw so many evidences that God is at work in numerous family members. We are going to miss our friend greatly-yet we believe that God is going to do some great things that will bring others to find the same hope that he had during his life!

In Christ,
The Webers
Posted: 1/14/2013  Expires: 2/13/2013

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